Bases in Act of Aggression

This month on OnlySP we’ll have a new feature interview every week, taking a look at independent developers of all shapes and sizes, from small teams of only a few people, to established 60-strong studios.

First up is Act of Aggression from French developer Eugen Systems.

Act of Aggression is an RTS set in the near future, where a worsening economic crisis has left three factions competing for global power: the USA, the UN’s “Chimera” Task Force, and the “Cartel” – a secretive organisation playing puppeteer behind the scenes.

On Tuesday, meet Alexis Le Dressay, co-founder and chief executive of Eugen Systems, as he goes through previous projects and Eugen’s plans for Act of Aggression.

Check back on Wednesday, when we look at Act of Aggression proper, with more in-depth details on the game billed as a “return to the ‘golden era’ of RTS”.

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