This week’s feature interview on OnlySP is time-hopping horror Absention.

Developed by Australian studio Dream Wave Games, Absention takes a different approach to indie horror, doing away with the “cheap jump scares and gritty environments” that’ve become genre staples, to focus on building a feeling of claustrophobic suspense in the game’s only location, a grand country house.

In Absention, the player must solve the mystery of their missing father by reliving the same day over-and-over, as they’re stalked by a mysterious presence in the dark.

Billed as Resident Evil meets Groundhog Day, Absention is will also support VR for the full immersive experience.

On Tuesday, we meet Robert Bruce, founder of Dream Wave Games. Then on Wednesday, check-in again for more on Absention itself.

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James Billcliffe
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