Interpoint is an upcoming first-person, sci-fi shooter by developer Three Dots, and its Early Access trailer is packed full of atmosphere.

The trailer opens in an empty, dimly-lit laboratory. After meandering through a few corridors, the game’s protagonist, Harry G., discovers a portal. Soon the trailer presents a cross-section of the project’s environments, ranging from the aforementioned laboratories to neon-tinged alien planets.

Primarily, Interpoint wrestles with quantum theory. In a world where a secret organisation has discovered parallel worlds, players must assume the role of Harry, one of the organisation’s scientists, to mend the damage that he helped create.

Previously, Interpoint was confirmed to possess several endings to its dimension-defying story, with gameplay centred around a weapon called the photon gun, which can absorb energy from external sources and transfer it into something else. The vibe of the whole game sounds very Half-Life 2, really.

Interpoint is now in Early Access on Steam.

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Ben Newman

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