The Borderlands 2 skill trees are now available and interactive for your speccing pleasure. All four classes – Gunzerker, Siren, Commando, and Assassin – have their skill trees up on the Borderlands 2 website, displaying just where you’ll be able to spend your points.

There are a few small differences from the previous game. The skills themselves are very similar to the first game, with the same incremental “+6 to health” type increase per skill point. Where it differs is in the allocation of class abilities, which are mixed around somewhat. Maya, the new Siren, has abilities that focus on control and support, as well as being the only healer of the lot. The Commando class in Axton loses its healing, instead specialising in weapons and turrets. Zero, the Assassin, combines sniping and invisibility. The Gunzerker Salvador is mostly unchanged from his role as tank/DPS dealer.

The three trees for each character also seem more distinct. Maya, for example, can choose from three trees – Motion (mobility), Harmony (health), and Cataclysm (elemental damage). Fully speccing a tree spends most of your points, and it looks like you won’t have enough points to access more than one top-tier skill. It seems like careful planning will pay off for the min/maxers, while accidentally wasting a point or two won’t be too punishing.

Borderlands 2 comes out next week (18th in US, 21st in UK), and apparently has 87 bazillion guns.

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