A lot of developers have been answering questions about development on the PS4. With one of the big upcoming Xbox One exclusives finally being revealed to the public, Ted Price gives some small details on developing for the Xbox One.

When asked by Gameinformer about the advantages of developing on Xbox One, Ted Price didn’t go into much detail at this time, only saying that, “This is a big game. There’s a giant city. There’s a lot to explore. We’re pushing things further visually than on any of our games previously, so you need powerful hardware for that. That’s the obvious answer. And I know a lot of Xbox One owners out there will tell you it’s a powerful machine. There are other aspects of it that I can’t get into right now, but we can talk about them at a later date that would be beneficial for us as a developer.”

More than likely those “aspects” Price can’t talk about yet pertain to the Cloud and how it works with Sunset Overdrive so we’ll have to wait for me details on that. It was used in Dead Rising 3’s open world so considering just how big Sunset Overdrive sounds we wouldn’t be surprised to see it used there as well.

In regards to FUSE and the lessons learned there Price states, “I think we’ve learned over the years in general, not just from Fuse, is just how to express ourselves better and better about what it is that we make. That’s why we’re having so much fun making this game, because it’s a reflection of people at Insomniac expressing themselves 24/7.”

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