Slow Down Bull

Indie gaming has turned into a powerhouse in the game industry that no one can ignore any longer. Major developers, like Insomniac, have started emulating that success with their own indie style games. This month Insomniac is releasing Slow Down, Bull, a game that started out as an open-development project that grew into much more. Slow Down, Bull will be launching on Steam April 20th alongside a trailer for the game.

In the meantime Insomniac has dropped details about their latest title to give gamers a taste of what’s to come. The story of Slow Down, Bull follows an overachieving bull named Esteban who has major stress issues to work through. He has a plan to deal with all that stress though, he’s going to collect art. That’s where players come into the picture, they will guide Esteban through a craft art world.

They will steer Esteban along collecting as many crafty art pieces they can manage. Except every time they steer him in a new direction, this bull’s stress levels grow higher. Gamers will have to be careful not to push Esteban right over the edge while running through the levels of 5 unique areas. All while they try to avoid being caught by Annette the Bullcatcher or running over innocent citizens.

Esteban will gain friends along the way to help him with those goals and gamers can replay each level to try for a higher score. Slow Down, Bull will offer a full list of Steam Achievements and Steam Trading Cards. Best of all 50% of Insomniacs net proceeds from Slow Down, Bull will go to the Starlight Children’s Foundation. That works out to be about 30% of the purchase price of $5.99.

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