Sunset Overdrive 2

Insomniac Games CEO Ted Price has confirmed that the studio wants to make a sequel to Sunset Overdrive, but needs a new publisher to make it happen.

The company’s Twitter page recently responded positively to a fan request for Sunset Overdrive 2, but commented on the need for a publisher before the game can be made.

Price expanded on this comment while speaking on the company’s Twitch stream, saying that Insomniac is well aware that many fans still long for a sequel. “Sunset 2 would be a very large-scope game,” Price explained. No doubt fans will be happy to hear that the company has ambitious aims, but the scale of the project means that self-publishing is out of the question, as Price went on to say, “we need a partner for that.”

Although Insomniac Games retains ownership of the IP, it did not self-publish the original Sunset Overdrive, which was handled by Microsoft as a console exclusive. Price has not refrained in the past from hinting Microsoft has turned down the opportunity to publish a sequel, and seems open to a move to a different publisher. Theoretically, this situation allows Insomniac to find a new publisher and push Sunset Overdrive 2 on multiple platforms. The reaction to the company tweet certainly indicates fans are keen on this prospect.

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