Insomniac Games revealed its next VR game for the Oculus Rift, Stormland, at the PC Gaming Show during E3.

In the game, the player will control an android gardener in an open world. A tempest has uprooted the androids’ homes and shattered their bodies, leaving them to journey to the civilization above the thunder heads to fix themselves and save their friends.

The player will have a set of android movement abilities to traverse the world.  Insomniac stated “the player can fly just above the slipstream with their outstretched android hands.” For example, the player can climb up a wall by launching themselves and then glide back down, using their hands to control the descent. The tempest will rearrange the world every week, giving players new places to explore and traverse.

The player will be able to attach upgrades directly to their arm. Many mechanics and systems have been designed specifically to take advantage of VR.

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Chris Hepburn
Chris is a born and raised Canadian, Eh. He has a passion for game design and the community behind games, what they can teach and the subtle points games can make. He is a college graduate of Game Development with a specialization in Animation. Always looking to learn something new with passions in all things nerdy and human nature.

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