INSOMNIA: The Ark is an upcoming sci-fi RPG by Russian-based studio Mono Studio, and its launch trailer looks like a gritty take on the dieselpunk subgenre.

With cemented hallways and low contrast, dirty colours, the project is fully embedded in its dystopian take on the future. Players assume the role of someone who has awoken from cryogenic sleep in this unemancipated future following an outbreak of violence. Players must fight against those who seek to control the abandoned space metropolis they inhabit, which is known as Object 6.

The trailer shows off a bit of the game’s unusual take on classic RPG combat design, interconnecting tactics, and third-person gunplay. Players are expected to survive hunger, fatigue, and an onslaught of enemies as they explore the labyrinthine station. INSOMNIA features a typical RPG progression system, including perks and craftable equipment.

The developer has endeavored to upsell the depth of the title’s narrative choices, which it says has a “non-linear storyline with ‘points of no return’ that encourage unorthodox approaches and 12 different story endings.” Players will also choose their character’s background, which impacts the story’s development significantly.

Heretofore Mono has advertised the title’s length, running in at roughly 60 hours of total playtime, including 70 locations and more than 250 key characters. Considering the project has been in development for eight years, players can expect an indie title riddled with detail.

INSOMNIA will launch on September 27 on PC. For more, be sure to follow OnlySP on FacebookTwitter, and Youtube.



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