Brian Fleming, the co-founder and producer of Sucker Punch Productions, today announced via the Playstation Blog that Infamous: Second Son will soon be getting a patch update.

There are three major updates in the patch, although Fleming added that they might include more small (and maybe some not-so-small) goodies depending on what they can implement. The first is the addition of the ability to change and control the time of day and is unlocked in the options menu when you clear the game. The second is the option to turn off the Heads-Up-Display (HUD), specially dedicated to those who love getting their screenshots without an noise in them. Third and lastly is the option to run the game at a maximum frame rate of 30 Frames Per Second (FPS), for those who are picky about those little details.

Fleming estimated the patch to go live in about two weeks.

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Cedric Lansangan

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