InFamous: Second Son is a hot topic in gaming right now, as it is the first triple-A PlayStation 4 exclusive since launch. Many people are just getting into the new generation with this title, and most are loving its fluid gameplay and beautiful graphics. We at OnlySP have decided to give you 5 quick tips for success in InFamous: Second Son.

1. Use your powers wisely

Each of InFamous: Second Son’s powers has a unique style and specialty, and not every power is good at what another may be good at. Make sure you know the strengths and weaknesses of each power, and use these to your advantage during battle and while traversing the city of Seattle. For instance, the Smoke power is a great close ranged weapon and can be deadly with its Cinder Missiles and other powerful shots. However, Smoke is one of the slowest powers for traversal, as the only way to quickly climb a building is by using a red vent, which are not always in sight. Neon, on the other hand, is a very useful power for traversal and long-ranged combat, but can be inefficient at close range. Learning these facts about your powers is vital to efficiency and success in InFamous: Second Son, so make sure you do so quickly when you obtain a new power.

2. Make use of your karmic streaks

Your karmic streaks are the extremely powerful tools that you can use once you have subdued a certain amount of enemies if you are of good karma or have killed a certain amount of enemies within a time limit if you are of evil karma. Once you have completed what you need to to perform the karmic streak, you can use it unless you die, in which case you must complete the restrictions again. These karmic streaks are the most powerful weapons in the game, and you must learn to use them when you are in a bind. The best place to use these is at the Mobile Command Centers scattered around Seattle, as they contain many enemies who can kill you quickly. The most powerful karmic streak is Neon’s, but they are all very useful and deadly. Just make sure you are in an open area when you are about to do the Orbital Drop.

orbital drop

3. Collect all Blast Shards and complete all side missions

This may sound like a completionist’s mentality, but collecting all the Blast Shards and completing all of the side missions will help you have a much easier time with the game. The main side missions you must complete are the Stencil Art missions, as you can choose a good or evil painting, and they give you a good amount of karma for each mission completed. The other side missions have less of an effect on karma and the game, but completing them all gives you a nice silver trophy for each kind. There are also short activities like Drug Busts or Disbanding an Activist Rally. These will all slowly increase your karma whichever way you are playing, and you can only reach full good or evil karma if you complete these. The Blast Shards, on the other hand, are crucial. Any time you see one of the Quad-copters buzzing around, shoot it down and drain the shard. These shards allow you to upgrade your powers, and collecting all of them will allow you to fully upgrade each ability. Speaking of…

4. Don’t forget to upgrade your powers

As the game progresses, the enemies get tougher and your powers must be more, well, powerful. Using the Blast Shards you have collected, you can upgrade your abilities for each power. Once you collect all Blast Shards, you can fully upgrade every power, but at first you should upgrade the most useful ability from each power, including the Cinder Missile for Smoke and the Light Speed Run for Neon, as these are very useful in the long-term for the game.

infamous ss neon

5. Don’t be afraid to die

Yes, you read that correctly. While InFamous: Second Son is, for the most part, an easy game, there are a few battles that can be frustrating because there are many enemies who kill you quickly and often. There are also Signal Jammers and other destructible objects in the middle of highly guarded areas. Once you destroy these objects, they are permanently destroyed. Dying has no effect on their presence, so don’t be afraid to run in the middle of the highly guarded area, destroy the object, and die. This will cause you to spawn unnoticed away from the enemies with the object gone. This also applies to helicopters in Mobile Command Centers. If you destroy it, but die from the enemies surrounding it, it will not respawn with you and you will have an easier time with that specific area.


InFamous: Second Son is a great game, and if you follow these tips, you will have a much easier time with the game. If you want more of InFamous: Second Son, you can read our review here, or read my Spoiler Discussion on the game coming soon. In the meantime, tell us your tips for the game in the comments section below and enjoy your powers.

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      1. No you don’t have a set time to use it

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