Wasteland 3

inXile Entertainment has discussed its experience so far with being a part of Xbox Game Studios, describing its experience as “fortunate.”

In an interview with Wccftech, founder Brian Fargo and Wasteland 3 game director Tim Campbell spoke about how Microsoft has provided them with valuable resources for Wasteland 3, including more time for animations and localization.

Fargo said that Microsoft has “given us the time to do all those things. So it’s really the first time we’ve taken advantage of that to make the product better sort of across the board and all those different things.” Campbell backed up Fargo, noting “Yeah, the toughest part of game development is the last 10%. And that’s really where Microsoft’s involvement is helping us incredibly because we’re able to take that last 10% and spend some more time on it and just squeeze an extra little bit of quality like a tonight and iterate for sure.”

Additionally, Campbell said that with Microsoft’s backing, the studio is actually able to plan out further ahead and wants to support Wasteland 3 with DLC plans. Fargo wanted to grow inXile, and as a result of joining Microsoft, he explained, “We’ve just hired a top animator, a new technical director, we’ve been adding on these people that we’ve been sorely missing for many years. We haven’t really had a technical director and we haven’t had enough animators around the company.”

However, many people were concerned that by joining Xbox Game Studios that inXile would lose its creative freedom. Campbell disagreed, stating, “I can say on the team level, the development side, we’re ecstatic for the partnership with Microsoft, we are absolutely making the game that we want to make and we’re making it better than we would have been able to by ourselves.” Fargo chimed in, explaining how it’s natural for others to be concerned when companies are bought out but he remained optimistic, “Yeah, I think we’re fortunate because Microsoft trusts us.”

Finally, Fargo spoke about how Tim Schafer of Double Fine Productions reached out to him about his experience being part of Xbox Game Studios before he officially joined in June 2019. Fargo also discussed how being part of Xbox Game Studios has allowed him to share expertise with all the studios: “I mean, we talked to the guys at The Coalition. If we’re doing something that involves shooting, we’ll pick up the phone and talk to them. If we want to do anything with water, you know, we’ll talk to the guys doing Sea of Thieves and go ‘Hey, just tell us about your water technology’.”

Wasteland 3 has been delayed to Spring 2020, and will launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game will also launch on Xbox Game Pass, too. OnlySP, for one, is excited for the future of single-player gaming on Xbox with the acquisition of inXile, as the studio reiterated that it will focus on RPG games.

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