Welcome back, single players, to another thrilling installment of the Indie Roundup. We hope your Holiday season is going great. While sometimes during the Holidays it’s hard to look past the here and now as you scramble to get those last-minute presents and bake treats for your loved ones, but we still have another helping of indie goodness this week with a few projects for you to keep your eyes on going into the new year.

Don’t worry. This article will still be here next week when you finally remember to breathe.

This week we’ll take a brief look at Untold Legacy, Monarch Black, Fish and Planet Nomads.

Untold Legacy (Iconic Games)

Untold Legacy draws inspiration from games like The Legend of Zelda to craft an atmospheric, emotional experience for a modern time. The brilliant, cartoony graphics with 100% hand-crafted assets juxtapose with an unsettling and even creepy world.

The Untold Legacy is an engaging, atmosphere drenched action-adventure RPG, with a bright and colorful art style set in a surreal and often creepy setting. You will be brought to tears as you uncover the twists and turns in this emotionally story-driven experience that will leave you shocked and surprised as you discover the secrets the world of Touchstone has to offer.

Explore this breathing and vibrant open world, as you tackle dungeons and overcome obstacles in any order you deem necessary, in this non-linear adventure. Become immersed as you encounter the kingdom inhabitants and help them in meaningful and rewarding ways that promise only to enrich the game experience. Face off against a plethora of unique monsters and bosses, as you combine strategy and skill with real time fast paced combat, that will reward you with every landed blow.

In Untold Legacy, you play a young boy from a Brigadoon-esque village that is untouched by time. “Leaving is not an option,” the game’s website says, “for any who do will find themselves in the grasp of a mysterious dark curse.”

But of course, our protagonist is having none of this and, after uncovering “strange messages from an unknown source,” he begins to explore the world and follow the path of an emotional, moving storyline.

Untold Legacy is slated for release on PC and Wii U. No release date has been set. You can follow the game’s progress on their website linked above or by following Iconic Games on Facebook or Twitter (@Iconic_Games).


Monarch Black (Mirrorfish Media)

Monarch Black is a game made by accomplished electronica musician Matt Schell. The game is still in early development – as is evidenced by the fact that Mirrorfish is still tossing about possible titles for the game, which was known as Pollen before Monarch Black – but looks great, combining beautiful environments and an unusual premise.

You see, in Monarch Black, you play as a butterfly. Yup. A butterfly.

In Monarch Black players become a butterfly to explore ever changing abstract environments and do battle with swarms of laser firing insects. Fly un-constrained through drowned cities and snowy forests to find glowing pollen grains. As you progress you’ll unlock new weapons and capabilities to evolve your avatar and fly deeper into this strange and beautiful world. Because the levels and power ups are randomly generated, no two play throughs are exactly the same.

So basically, it’s a procedurally-generated, dizzying bullet-hell shooter in which you play a butterfly. In an industry where it seems like everything’s been done before, it’s a pretty safe bet that this is a new one.

The project is still young, but you can follow Mirrorfish at the game’s website or on Twitter (@MattMirrorFish). You can also check out the trailer below.

Fish (Cicaladesign)

From butterflies to fish, in the game Fish, you are, yup, a fish.

Being touted as an “atmospheric adventure game,” Fish puts you in the fins of a fish as you swim around the game’s beautiful and serene levels. Fish is not an action-packed game, as you can see in the trailer below, but it is beautiful and serene all the same. Indeed, the game’s creators have taken an almost philosophical approach to the game.

Fish is a 2D top-down view exploration game. The players become a small fish born in a swamp, trying to find freedom throughout its life. The inspiration comes from my own introspection on life. In a modern society we are always bound to certain things, which makes us blind to the true freedom inside our hearts. Fish wants to get rid of these orientations and brings a sense of freedom to its players.

In many ways, this truly is a game born of Eastern philosophy and tradition and it should be interesting to watch it develop. Keep an eye on the game at its website here and on Facebook and Twitter (@FishArtGame).

Planet Nomads (Craneballs)

PC gaming is no stranger to good sandbox survival games – or bad ones for that matter – and sometimes it can feel like over-trodden territory. Sure, plenty of games like Ark and the upcoming Astroneer come along and add something new to the experience, but at some point, it feels like we’re just going to hit the end of that particular road.

Planet Nomads definitely does not feel like that end, however.

In Planet Nomads, you’re stranded on an alien planet and must survive. So far, so bland. But in this game, you do so by basically creating a mobile home that helps you travel as well as giving you shelter from the hostile alien world. And eventually, you’re able to craft a new ship that can bring you to new worlds. In a way, this means the game actually shifts genres from survival to more of an exploration game. The game draws inspirations from Minecraft, Space Engineers, and even the upcoming No Man’s Sky to create an entirely new experience in the genre.

In Planet Nomads you build useful things to earn a slim chance of staying alive as you uncover the mysteries of procedurally generated alien planets. You used up all your luck surviving a crash-landing on one such planet. From now on it’s all about wit and sheer determination. Your best shot is building a spaceship powerful enough to get you out of this mess.

The game’s devs feel like the unparalleled freedom of creation, the ability to build whatever you want and to “organize and live your nomadic life the way you want” is what will set it apart from similar games in what might be an over-saturated market. Not only can you design your own transporation, but you can also create other objects like harvesters and generators and even a base of operations. Eventually, if you survive long enough, the game promises that through its crafting, your every-day survival worries will be all but automated, allowing you to focus entirely on exploration.

“We believe no other game combines the massive scale crafting with having a purpose and multiple environments to interact with the way Planet Nomads does,” the devs say.

You can follow the game’s development at their website here or on Facebook and Twitter (@PlanetNomads). The devs also came out with a trailer on December 10th, which you can view below.


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