For this week’s Indie Roundup, we have a few brand new projects, hot off the presses (the video game presses apparently…ok, this metaphor kind of broke down). Intergalactic Race Warriors and Simple Spy are both new to Steam Greenlight looking to be added to the digital storefront and Gaimora and Vaccine War are still in early development but caught our attention with some interesting graphics and ideas. Be sure to check out these projects and support them if they seem like they’re you’re cup of tea.

Intergalactic Race Warriors (TurtleBlaze, Rilem, M0rph3v5)

Our first indie titles this week is Intergalactic Space Warriors, an over-the-top, sidescrolling racer. The creatures of the game describe it as “Sonic meets Mario Kart meets Need for Speed: Underground.” The game is currently vying for position in the crazy race that is Steam Greenlight. Oh and one of the main characters is a chicken. Apparently.

This is what the Steam Greenlight page has to say about the game.

Intergalactic Race Warriors is a side scrolling combat racing game set in outer space. It’s a violent grand prix which takes place on a wide range of planets. You’ll be racing in all the corners of the universe.

You can check out and support this whacky racer over on Steam Greenlight and keep up with production over at Twitter (@TurtleBlazeDev).

Gaimoria (Isaiah Sherman)

Being touted as “Secret of Mana meets Pokemon” (a combination that caught my interest, personally) this free-roaming “pet adventure combat” game is early in development but already looks quite pretty. And honestly, if that combination of games doesn’t excite you, you probably have no soul.

The game is still early in the development but the screenshots already look great, with plenty of style and beautiful scenery…and definitely a hint of those old “of Mana” games (specifically Legend of Mana, which I loved). There isn’t a trailer yet, but check out the screenshots below and follow the game’s development on Facebook and Twitter (@Gaimoria)

Vaccine War (Games for Tutti)

Being developed by Spanish game developers Games for Tutti, Vaccine War goes for that rough, jagged pixel aesthetic that’s becoming popular again. An action-adventure game, in Vaccine War you play as Daniel, a WWI vet who return to Spain after the war.

Based in the tense Europe from the Thirties, Vaccine War combines action, exploration and platforms. Everything supported by a story that immerses the player from the beginning. The history is not as we know and every step we take could be a global catasstrophe…or the endless peace.

Like Gaimoria, there’s not a lot of information out for Vaccine War yet, but from the screenshots, it seems to make the most out of its pixel art graphical style, reminiscent of some of the old adventure game titles from the 80’s like King’s Quest and Space Quest. It also appears to be a 2D, cover-based shooter, which is also neat.

You can follow the game on the website here or on Twitter (@GamesforTutti).

Simple Spy (Kodari Games)

Finally, we have another new project to Steam Greenlight: Simple Spy. The game has been out for iOS and Android for awhile but has only just hit Steam Greenlight recently. Like its name suggests, Simple Spy is a simple game about a spy. So far, so simple. But its minimalist approach to aesthetic design belies what looks like a devious difficulty curve in this stylish puzzle platformer. It may look simple but the game seems anything but easy.

The game boasts 60 levels (and four bonus levels) and five different characters you can unlock as you play. Check out the trailer below and follow the developer on Twitter (@KodariGames) or their website.

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