Indie developer Klei Entertainment is offering paid alpha access to their upcoming turn-based strategy game Incognita.

For $16.99 ($19.99 if you want the soundtrack), you’ll get two copies of the game at launch as well as the opportunity to try the game now as it’s being developed. The game is far from finished, but the basic elements are in place enough for you to be able to give the game a whirl and check out what you’ll be able to look forward to from the final product.

According to the game’s tagline, Incognita is “turn-based tactical espionage.” The player controls a secret agent as he ducks guards, swipes intel and tries to escape the building with his life. The game takes place on an isometric grid on which the player is able to plan and execute his sneaky strategy.

The Vancouver-based Klei Entertainment is best known for their hit indie games like N+Shank and — most recently — Don’t Starve.

You can check out the new Incognita trailer below.

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