Every day inches us closer to the portentous dates that mark the release of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, along with the true inception of the next generation of gaming. We seem to learn more about the consoles – and the philosophies driving them – on a regular basis, but there is little doubt that most of the finalised details are now in the wild. Considering this, we have elected to bring our faithful readers a wrap-up of all that we know about the differences between the systems in order to better inform your purchase decisions.

Without doubt, the most glaring difference to the uninformed consumer is the price. Throughout the entirety of the world, the the XBO will be retailing higher than the PS4. In the US and Europe, Microsoft’s console is $499 (or Euros), making it $100 more expensive than Sony’s. In Britain, it is £429 against £349 and Australians get it for $599 versus $549. It could be considered a major point of contention, but the difference is meaningless so long as it can be justified by a greater array of features or providing better value in some way. This means that it is time to delve deeper into the schism between the two consoles.


Microsoft made a considerable investment in motion gaming this generation with their Kinect peripheral and it is clear that they are focusing on it again in the next with the inclusion of an updated version, dubbed “Kinect 2.0”, with every console sold, thus providing something in the way of an excuse for the premium price. It has been rumoured that Sony planned to do similar by bundling the latest iteration of their PlayStation Camera, but backed away on seeing the minor backlash against Microsoft’s policy, as well as a chance to attain that price differential. In either case, the real question is what does Kinect bring to the table?

Looking at its uses in the current generation, the cynic would argue ‘not much’ – but that ignores the promise that the numerous upgrades to the peripheral offer. First off is that it now features 1080p video capture, along with a 60% increase to the field of vision. What this means is that it requires far less room to function effectively, dropping from six feet to three. It is also promised to be able to follow six people at the same time, with 25-point skeleton tracking, facial expressions and even heart rate. The new technical specifications are downright stunning, and if it pans out as promised it could provide a massive evolutionary leap for hands-free gaming.

Unfortunately, what we know of developer intentions thus far aren’t really tapping into that potential. Kinect Sports Rivals is, perhaps, the flagship game of the device, but it doesn’t seem to be making the waves that it might. It has also been announced that it will be able to determine when a new player takes hold of the controller in certain games and immediately tailor the game’s settings to the preferences of that user. An extraordinarily useful feature for fighting games and others that focus on couch-based competition, but not particularly useful for the single-players, it could be argued. It seems that, right now, the features will be reserved for much the same interactions as it has been with the 360’s Kinect: wider gestures to impact the gameplay in minor ways and voice functionality.


The real benefits for Kinect will come from, shall we say, the extracurricular abilities. It informs the console’s position as a multimedia hub and will allow the user to easily switch between tasks on the fly. This has to do with the Xbox One’s “Snap” functions, wherein the player will be able to push secondary apps, such as Skype or TV viewing, to one side of the screen to be brought into the main focus on a whim. Basically, it enhances the convenience of the end user, which is exactly what Microsoft is widely aiming for.

In comparison, we have heard relatively little about the PlayStation Camera, but it too represents an upgrade from its predecessor, the PlayStation Eye. It now captures images in a 1200-by-800 resolution through a pair of cameras that allow for depth sensing, as in the case of the original Kinect. Unfortunately, it is difficult to make direct comparisons as Sony has really sidelined the Camera in their marketing, making it abundantly clear that it is a secondary consideration for them. With it not being mandatory, this is understandable, but leaves one wondering what Sony’s approach to motion sensing will be going forward, or if it will even be a focus for them.


Peripherals, however, are only ever complementary to the experience, and this will be the same going forward, as evidenced by the sheer volume of “traditional” games that have already been announced for the new consoles. Therefore, it makes sense to look into what the hardware of both consoles has to offer. One of the comments most frequently made when discussing this is how similar both are to standard PC architecture, which is a deviation from the norm in the console world, historically relying on more exotic creations. To this end, both systems have been built on customised versions of AMD’s Jaguar chipset, which houses both the CPU and GPU on one unified APU. The upshot of this is that system resources will be shared easily between the two, reducing bottlenecks that have impacted performance in the past. Between this and the familiarity of the core architectures, developers should be able to get a better handle on the quirks of the systems far earlier and more easily than has been the case in the past.

One notable difference is that the XBO’s GPU will feature twelve compute units, against the PS4’s eighteen, resulting in a serious shortfall in theoretical peak performance. Where Sony’s console is capable of producing 1.84 Teraflops, Microsoft’s can only reach 1.23 Teraflops. Furthering this power gulf is the fact the the XBO utilises DDR3 RAM, which produces considerably lower bandwidth than the PS4’s GDDR5. This means that the amount of data that can be siphoned through the memory of the device at any given time is considerably lower: 68.3GB/s against 176GB/s. Microsoft is trying to bolster this with an addition of 32MB of “embedded static” RAM, which reportedly bolsters bandwidth by up to 102GB/s, largely equalising what the two consoles are capable of on that front.

Now, that last paragraph was largely technical jargon, but in layman’s terms it is true that, at least on the surface, the PS4 does have something approaching a 50% power advantage over its competitor, which should result in games that run much more smoothly. A theoretical comparison test by Digital Foundry last week tried to gauge this by creating computer rigs roughly equivalent to each console. As it transpires, that gap is not nearly as wide when it comes to actual performance, with an average 24% boost to performance across their ten benchmark tests for the PS4 stand-in, making it the better option if power and performance is what you are most interested in, much as the 360 was the better option this generation, thanks to a slight resolution boost in many games, particularly early on.


It seems that Microsoft may have been aware that they were coming to this battle with a lower specced console, and sought to make up for it with their much-touted cloud functionality. With the promise of an additional 300,000 servers to the Xbox Live farm, this is a cornerstone of Microsoft’s strategy. The company has even gone so far to promise that games in the future will be able to run partially through cloud computing, improving the performance. With developers being able to run games on these servers to deliver persistent worlds, the promise is most certainly there for the future.

Sony doesn’t appear to be leaning quite so heavily on the cloud, but they aren’t ignoring it. At this point, cloud computing has been mentioned as a possibility, but it hasn’t been promoted. Instead, the PS4’s cloud functionality revolves around much of what is already in place with the PS3; things like Video Unlimited and Music Unlimited. They are, however, putting their purchase of streaming service, Gaikai, to good use. Users will be able to browse games and try them out almost instantaneously, as well as being able to try every game on the PSN for free. Whether this requires a subscription to PlayStation Plus, as online multiplayer does, has not yet been revealed.

Both systems are promising to reduce the time that it takes for a user to actually start playing a game, which will be a popular move for some, while others, like myself, simply scratch their heads, seeing no issue with waiting for a few minutes before playing.

Speaking of the games, as ever, they will be the true litmus test of these consoles and should be the determining factor behind a purchase decision. We recently posted an article comparing the launch games for each, but that is only a small selection of what we know is coming. Sony, it seems, is courting the indies far more effectively than Microsoft but that may not remain the case with the latter’s alteration of its policy regarding self-publishing, so let’s stick to the so-called AAA titles. Right now, there is a pretty similar line-up for both consoles with all the usual suspects being catered for. We have first-person shooters in Killzone: Shadow Fall  and Halo 5 (which has only been teased), racers in DriveClub and Foza Motorsport 5 and action games like The Order:1886, inFamous: Second Son and Ryse: Son of Rome.


Both manufacturers are expanding beyond these boundaries though, with Microsoft funding Remedy Entertainment’s new experiment, Quantum Break, and Sony harking back to years past with Mark Cerny’s Knack. What we know of now is only a tiny part of what is to come in the future. We already know that Quantic Dream and Level-5 plan to continue with Sony to deliver the kind of content that they are renowned for, while Microsoft has already garnered the assistance of Capcom and Insomniac for Dead Rising 3 and Sunset Overdrive, respectively.

Both consoles have unique features and benefits to separate them from each other, regardless of what might some say about the likenesses between them, and this certainly leaves the purchaser with a choice. Do they want the multitasking box from Microsoft, or the specs-oriented offering from Sony? In this article we’ve striven to provide you insight into the differences between the two consoles and we hope that, with such a guide, you can come to an informed decision about the console for you and to allow you to see the benefits of the other.

What we do not want to see in the comments section is a plethora of vitriolic, trolling statements written for no greater purpose than to attempt to put down the console not of your choosing and those that would elect to support it. The comments section will be heavily moderated for this post. Please, discuss the consoles in a civil manner. You can debate and we will not stop a heated debate, but when things become personal we will moderate the comment. Thank you for cooperating.

PERSONAL ADDENDUM: In the spirit of full disclosure, I will admit that it is not my intention to purchase either console within a year of release, and there is little that could alter that. Further to this, I will admit that, right now, I am leaning more to the PS4 as I believe, based on this generation past, that Sony will provide more of the exclusive software that I would prefer to play going forward.

Damien Lawardorn
Damien Lawardorn is an aspiring novelist, journalist, and essayist. His goal in writing is to inspire readers to engage and think, rather than simply consume and enjoy. With broad interests ranging from literature and video games to fringe science and social movements, his work tends to touch on the unexpected. Damien is the former Editor-in-Chief of OnlySP. More of his work can be found at https://open.abc.net.au/people/21767

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  1. Way to ignore the PS4s Share button which is probably its biggest advantage over the Xbox One besides specs and indies.

    1. XBO FTW SON!

    2. Are you serious?

      Hey, let me go on Facebook and show my grandma this cool headshot I got in Killzone.

      1. Lmao really? It’s cool PS has the feature, but really how many including the ones that really like it going to take that serious?

      2. LMFAO Ok ok ok I get it. No I’m not serious and im not taking you serious too

        1. Sorry. My comment was meant for RandomUser2yr29387

    3. Big deal it has a share button and it doesn’t have a big advantage over Xbox because it don’t have a button , Xbox do have the features of sharing, I hope you did know all of this or did you chose to ignore it.

  2. You’re both idiots. PS4s main features are superiors specs, better online support, cheaper console, better feature packed controller, a superior line up of 1st party developers, indie games/developers and overall favorability between hardcore gamers.
    X1 main features are Kinect (which for many, including I, is a major negative) and TV.

    1. That’s all about preference the spec difference is like beating a dead horse the graphical difference will be less noticeable then this gen sorry tough guy. Your feat packed controller is useless without the pseye it’s a standard controller with a gimmick swipe pad, share button whoa i rather just say record that like the xb1 does instead of getting killed or taking a sec to hit a waste of a button and the xb1 automatically records the clip when u unlock a achievement. 1st party devs / indie support is once again all about preference, better online support you are dreaming kid there’s a reason they rent us ps+ games because sony’s infastructure sucks period, downloads and patches take 5-10 mins longer then xbl psn has nothing on xbl. I will be getting a xb1 at launch and a ps4 when ever naughty dog makes me just traded my ps3 in to finish paying off my xb1, both consoles are on equal playing fields it’s all about preferences, u want gears or god of war, halo or killzone, me i want them all because i am a gamer and thats what i do is game so your the idiot stop being biased if people don’t share the same opinon as you. Oh and half of your ps4 main features are basically what the xbox 360 did but it way better graphics …

      1. Your telling someone to stop being biased? Your whole comment is Xbox biased. If you were unbiased you wouldn’t bash either console. Your telling someone to stop being biased as you bash the ps4?? Rrrright! Its obvious both systems will be very good. I was the king xbox1 hater until they reversed all their policies. And they are continuing to move in the right direction evident by their reversal on their stand on Indie development. I still prefer ps4 over xb1 due to Kinect which I will never use and the 100 dollar price difference. But I know the xb1 will still be a great console.

        1. u are still forgetting the 1st/indie party developers sony has, the highly superior specs, the smaller, lighter, more efficient cheaper, better looking console, the more feature packed controller, a cheaper, higly superior online service of psn+ vs xblg, I mean the only thing microsoft is winning is 3rd part launch games and tv, literally that is it. Even in motion gaming sony wins. Kinect 2.0 vs playstation move, playstation eye and the dualshock 4 controller with a built in light and touch pad, and the PSvita.

          1. The DS4 is not more feature packed. They added a touch pad in the center. That does not equate to “more feature packed”

            The consoles are equal as far as gaming goes. Sorry to bust your bubble. It’s what can be done outside of gaming that will determine which is better.

          2. Uhm, bluetooth doesn’t count as a feature, neither does the PlayStation move light built in, or the sixaxis/gyroscope, or the newly improved rumble, or the mono speaker. None of these are features? And the consoles are not “equal”. Please, get real. 1.84 teraflops vs 1.3 aint big? GDDR5 vs DDR3 aint big? Give sony 2 years and you’ll see how much the games are gonna look on PS4. Remember the differences between the PS3 and X360 in the first years, not very big. Remember the day of UC2/3, Killzone 2/3, God of war 3 (that game was beautiful), GT5, LBP 1/2, infamous 2, etc etc etc. Please get real

          3. Graphics are your only bragging point… Graphics…

            If a game looks better, but barely, who cares?…

            Give me a better argument than a better graphics card.

          4. Neutral party here. I don’t really care for which system I play on. As long as I get a good game and get to splice my dualshock onto the system’s wiring if possible.

            The part that the Xbox fanboys here fail to realize is graphics CAN make a game. It’s like comparing Shadow of the Colossus to the 3DS Spiderman game. Which is going to sell better? The game with rich scenery and astounding bosses or the game backed up by the comic book industry that failed to utilize the potential of its system? What else does the PS4 supply besides graphics? Gee, active developers that know what the hell they’re doing. Want an example of a company that has developers that have no idea what the hell they’re doing? Nintendo. When was the last time you heard your friends or classmates say “I really enjoyed that Wii game mate. You should come over to my place and play it with me!” Now let’s look from a developer’s point of view. We have the RPG company Square Enix. Let’s compare the amount of games that SE has launched on each system. Looks like MS lost out. Let’s look at Konami. They don’t really specialize in any one genre but they have released more games on Sony and Nintendo systems than MS system’s. There is clearly a preference here.

            The part the Sony fans to realize is how little security both Sony and Microsoft servers have. There was Anonymous with LOLloic along with Geohot’s crew. Online servers were down for what? Several weeks? Let’s not forget the admins that are about as interested as the children that got a bday invite from the slow kid in the class that wipes his boogers on the computer desk. Let’s not forget that customer support shall we? “My PS3 isn’t loading the game I bought through PSN.” “Did you try turning it off and on again?” And if that doesn’t work these people suggest formatting your PS3 and you know what happens after that? All of your online records on leaderboards is gone.

            In short, both companies have their problems. This may just be me but the last time I checked you only bought the system to play the games you like and think you might like. Not beg for the CEO to keep sticking his thinking pencil up your rear every time somebody prefers a different system.

            P.S. MS admins are easily manipulated and corrupt.

          5. I am not altogether certain why you are arguing? Especially about GPU’s!! As of right know there is no official GPU stats and hardware specifics beyond theoretics and guessing.
            Until the PoS4/xbox one’s hardware is officially analyzed and benchmarked then verified in the public’s eye will the truth be known. For now it’s all hearsay.

          6. That is one of MANY bragging “points”. Theres more and better 1st party/indie support, theres the better, 10$ cheaper psn+ that is universal across 3 platforms, theres the media features that ARENT behind a paywall, only some online gaming. I could go on for days

          7. I love to debate so let’s have fun…

            Your improved PSN still won’t even be better than the current Xbox Live and where it stands now.

            $50-$60…. It’s per year… And people know to never pay full price (always a deal on the world wide web…

            And you keep bragging about Sony giving things away… Sony fans are part of the reason the company the company can’t profit..always wanting a hook up.

            People tease Microsoft about tv… Sony goes and get tv… People tease Microsoft about the cloud… Sony investing in dedicated servers with open rack…

            Both systems will be good… But to think the PS4/PSN, will be the best overall next gen, you are sadly mistaken.

            You may really want to take a look at what you are getting for $400.

          8. LMFAO better looking come on dude they look the same just the PS4 is slanted haha SMH you just a big PS4 fan i see…you some one who doesnt need to argue you cant possibly say that the X1 is still not a great system as was the 360….PS4 and the X1 one are going to both be good systems they’re not that far from each other spec wise and both come with great features….imma XBO fan all the way and I CANT STAND kobe bryant but i still respect them just like i see what the PS can do

      2. lol ur such a joke, everything you just said was just some crazy, crack head going on a pro-xbox rant. Nothing you can say, that is credible, can disprove or even counter what i said in my previous comment, why? Cause it’s true. The X1 was dead before it even started, thats the sad truth you xbot fanboys cant deal with, tough guy.
        PS4 controller: bluetooth, mono speaker/headphone jack built it, clickable touch pad, playstation move light built it, and sixaxis/gyroscope built in
        X1 controller: cool vibrating buttons and a light controller
        X1 specs gpu: 1.24 later changed to 1.3 teraflops
        PS4 specs gpu: 1.84 teraflops
        PS4 ram: 8gbs of GDDR5 ram, 2 gigs left for OS, 6 for games
        X1 ram: 8 gbs of DDR3 ram and 32 mbs of esram, 3 gigs for OS, 5 gigs for games
        XBLG: EVERYTHNIG including dvr recording, netflix and cross gamechat and about everything else are locked behind XBLG
        PSN+: The only thing that is locked away is online gaming for most games, some are still free
        PSN+ 50$ VS XBLG 60$
        Sony wins in almost every category

        1. Blu-tooth is way slower than wifi direct.. Look it it up.
          A spec sheet doesn’t mean anything it’s performance that counts. Both consoles were smooth. But the X1 backend is much more robust.

          And Sony better start putting everything behind a pay wall too before they go bankrupt.

          Here is what most are missing, MS $$$ to make the X1 a success by any means.

          Sony all in and can’t afford to miss the mark. Or they will be selling another building or their bonds to pay off their debts.

          1. lol i love how your defense of Microsoft was just saying how poor Sony is and how rich Microsoft is. Accepting difeat is see. No, it’s alright. Some ps3 fanboys accepted early defeat, and what happened? SHABAM, beats x360 in sales and nearly triples in total (non-kinect/PlayStation move) exclusive games 1st and 3rd party. Maybe the same will happen for the x1. so far its an inferior peice of a hardware, its more expensive, its policies are still wavy and weird (and i do not at all trust Microsoft), the online policies are still bullshit and screwing over the real gamers, there “no multiplatform game can look better than x1” policy is also really hurting developers. Not to mention they have like no credible 1st party developers, sony has over 20. They have almost no decent ips other than gears and halo lol. I mean, to even say there equal is a great injustice to both sony and the ps4. Get real.

          2. PS3 needed a whole region to surpass X360 in sales. MS gets no love in Asia. A whole region. If the 360 would of sold half the 369’s in Asia that Sony sold it would NOT be close… Nowhere near it.. And I respect Asia for standing by a product from one of their own. And it took a heavy price cut and and losing profits before they even started selling well..

            Sony has over 20, 1st party developers.. That’s true… How many are talented … Naughty Dog and Santa Monica… So 20studios and only 4-6 of them make games that are worth it.

            What is a “real gamer”… Live is the standard for online play… So that’s where real gamers go for online.. I have over 60+ games between the Aps3 and 360 and will go to Live 10 times out of 10 for online play…

            Real gamers line is such a cheesy line.

            Not accepting defeat. Because outside of a new graphics card, you have no other bragging point…

          3. I’ve bought 2 360’s and it wasn’t because I happily wanted to, with the RROD fiasco I think you should atleast cut the 360’s sales by 1/4.

          4. ur a joke

          5. I love to debate. I do my research and I’m not blind. I saw the PS4 reveal and their E3 press conference. And they weren’t much different from each other.

            Instead of name calling, prove me wrong. On paper you have a a console that has better hardware. That may have games that look better down the road, but not on a level that is playing out in people’s mind right now.

            Sony had their fun and took advantage, of the MS inability to explain things. Sony has also saw the awesome feature set of the Xbox One and are now adjusting properly.

            Looks like Sony has even contracted out Rack Mount so they can do Cloud now.

            Look The PS4. It’s UI is a sloppy version of metro. Welcome to cross-game chat, and party chat, nice of the DS4 to borrow some design features from the XBOX Controller. Wow the PS4 even borrowing some designs from the 360 (charging controller while system is off).

            But I’m a joke

          6. “Where is this info coming from?” Where the source material that verifies Xbox one does not have any dev/publishers lineup in comparison to the PoS4’s.
            They have insomniac(which used to be sony property), they have bioware, they have Capcom, they have MS studios, they have EA, they have bungie, they have rockstar, they have crytek, they have activision, they have id, they have rare, they have betheseda, they have ubisoft…..and the list goes on.Tthese are the essentials, not to mention self-publishing indies.
            “What the heck have you been smoking?”

        2. “DEAD!?” How is it dead?
          Look at the game list for the PoS4 vs xbox one. Look at the peripheral’s and the xboxlive security vs the PoS4’s offering.
          How can the PoS4 have anywhere near the level of hardware and features in it’s casing? “You got to ask yourself why the PoS4’s casing is dwarfed by the xbox one?” “Why did MS opt for a large case?”
          “Could it be to house extensive hardware technically dwarfing the PoS4’s lil tiny box’s innards; with PoS casing that is gaudy and abstract?” I’m sure both MS and sony are using the same exact architecture size perimeters so…why did they opt for a bigger casing?
          It doesn’t make any logical sense for MS to adopt new hardware into a casing that is so big unless it offers something substantial; otherwise it would not be cost effective or idealistic. I am sure the design and marketing reps knew this. You’ll see when officially unveiled in retail stores for purchase….MS has some goodies in-store for us upon it’s release. If we look back at prev gen console dimensions they were roughly the same size….so why not this time around?
          The Xbox one will not disappoint, just like the xbox, and xbox360 and no one …I MEAN NO ONE can deny the last two models superiority over sony’s failed attempts.

        3. although imma XBO fan, i still give credit where its due only reason XBO suffered is there dumb policies not because all these specs you listed. Only ppl who pay attention to the specs are the FAN boys…the general consumer more so pay attention to price…only thing ps4 really has over the X1 as far as sells….specs the ps4 is SLIGHTLY better which there wont be much noticeable difference not matter what you may say same as was the 360 and ps3…..as far as the ps4 controller its not much you can do with it without the eye besides that touch pad…the vibrating joysticks or triggers on the x1 are pointless to me….now the cameras on both, curious why ps4 would want you to use your controller with the camera instead of you just being the controller but when it comes to that to each is own….i mean we could go back and fourth but its really just going to come down to preference and specs for FANBOYS and price for the general consumer

      3. Denial is a bitch and you are living in it

        1. i’m living in denial? u must be smoking that good ish

          1. Yeah I am but you are still in denial

          2. in what way, please explain.

    2. Most are true. except for better online support. That goes to Xbox One.
      Microsoft has 300.000 servers. Thats much more then Sony has.
      But in overall i think the ps4 will be the better console.

    3. A superior line up of 1st party developers is really a matter of taste, the fact is at the moment that Microsoft has revealed about double of the exclusive titles for the ONE that Sony has for the PS4.

    4. Cant say the X1 main features are just those…both systems have a camera if you gonna say thats a neg X1 just comes with the system…but both there line up of games are pretty good, ps4 has slightly better specs which the x1 uses the cloud to make up for what it lacks…X1 is a media center which a lot of games or just ppl in general do like….its why ppl love SMARTPHONES and tablets so much because it can do everything they need. They are both good systems and to me its really going to come down to preference. Only thing to me right now ps4 has over the X1 is the price. Thats the main thing that will determine the sell at this point and this is for ppl who are FANS or one or the other.

      1. PS4 specs are not “sightly” better, you are kidding yourself if you think thats true. Both systems have the cloud computing capabilities. ps4 is almost equal in the media centre department, diffrence is, that isn’t the PS4 main focus. The main focus is games, sony understands that media shit is secondary. the price is one of MANY reasons to choose the ps4 over the X1. Theres the highly superior, 10$ cheaper psn+. theres Sonys’ huge amount of 1st party and indie support that microsoft cant come anywhere near of. Than theres the ps4 being released one week earlier, and then theres the 33 vs 13 country release plan. guess whos the 33 and whos the 13. And than theres the integration with the vita that microsoft cant come anywhere near of. Oh and theres the whole not fucking up on a million policies. I could write a book on how the PS4 butt rapes the X1.

  3. I don’t like motion control, for me it is the worst thing that has ever happened to video games, and I’m not a couch potato, I’m a fit guy and go to the gym every day. I never liked the Wii games that forced me to use the motion features. Regarding Kinect on the 360, me being the controller, I hated it. And Move, I didn’t even bother, it’s just the PS3 version of the Wii controller. So the Kinect 2.0 on the XBO is a huge turn off for me, specially because I can not get an XBO with out it (and it’s $100 more because of that, no, thanks). At least on the PS4 I know that motion control will remain optional, an option I will skip. Regarding cloud gaming for XBO, I have serious doubts about that, will it be 100% lag free? Can I trust the internet provider to not disconnect me at the middle of a game? I don’t think we are there yet. And regarding the exclusive games, based on my 360 and PS3 experience, I played like 3 to 4 games on the PS3 vs each on the 360, and as far as I can tell it seems it will continue to be that way between PS4 and XBO (and no, Alan Wake or Splinter Cell Conviction were not exclusives on the 360, I got those for my PC, that applies for Titanfall on the XBO). The other features on the XBO like TV stuff, or being able to do other things simultaneously, at least for me, those are features I’ll never use, like watching photos or using the web browser on the PS3/360. So for now I will put my money on the PS4, and maybe later (at least one year I guess) I’ll see how the XBO is doing and decide by then if I should get it or not.

  4. Good article overall. A few omissions here and there, and/or just not quite updated on the new developments that have been talked about from either party.
    For me, this is a simple choice. It’s easily the PS4. The game selection (their first party line up alone is worth it for me), the features, the options, and the attention to what the community wants is enough to sell me. They desperately want to please the fans, and with this go they are doing that very well.
    Not to say anything bad about the XBO. Microsoft obviously know how to market a console, and it’s games. However it seemed to me they were making the same mistakes Sony did at the beginning of last generation. I.E. arrogance and change of direction. Though they have done a good job turning that around, and quickly. However, they just don’t have anything exclusive to the system I just HAVE to have. Titan Fall looks good, but they have said enough (in MY eyes anyways) to say it will more than likely launch on other platforms eventually, OR, I could just pick it up on PC. And Dead Rising 3? Meh, they are fun games, but it’s no worries from me. Other than that, it’s mainly titles Xbox fans would want. And more power to them.
    Overall, after all the changes MS has made since the announcement of the XBO, it pretty much comes down to preference. Or, price. Since Sony clearly has the advantage there.

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback. It’s hard to keep track of all the new updates as things change seemingly daily. We’ll provided an updated article like this once the consoles near their release dates to make a final decision. It’s a shame so many comments directly go to bashing the other console rather than discussing what they like and dislike.

  5. The console is mainly built for games. What games you like should be the
    main deciding point. By the way neither will play games any
    better than the other so quit wasting time with the spec war.

  6. “the real question is what does Kinect bring to the table?
    Looking at its uses in the current generation, the cynic would argue ‘not much’ – but that ignores the promise that the numerous upgrades to the peripheral offer.”

    the fundamental flaw of this argument that i keep seeing made on gaming sites is that the kinect wasn’t unpopular last gen because it didn’t work well, it was unpopular because nobody cared about motion controls…most gamers want to use a control pad, sure motion gimmicks can be cool to play around w/ for an hour or so out of the box, but after that, it’s put away and never used again….So to say that because the kinect is upgraded that everything’s fine w/ it being included just doesn’t make sense to me…until there are games that utilize the kinect in fun and different ways, it remains a fairly useless gimmick….at this point there are no solid dates on a single “kinect game”, so that should show how much of a priority the kinect is as a games device….the kinect was included in every box to push another agenda altogether, and that is copyright management…if they follow through w/ their own patents, then they stand to make some pretty big partners in the entertainment industry, all at the expense of consumers. Sure it’s fairly speculative at this point to say as much, but if it was totally false, the patents would never have been filed, and we’d have at least a kinect sports rivals at launch and not “launch window”….the proof is in the pudding, sony’s eye is optional and yet it will actually come w/ the playroom game at launch to showcase it’s potential, whereas the kinect is forced on a player only to sit unused for anything other than shouting at (something that could be done w/ a single mic and not a full audio & video component), and skyping w/ your grandmother….until they show some actual games, it remains a gimmick, no matter how much they’ve improved upon it….after all, a polished turd is still a turd

    1. The Kinect was an option beyond the controller. You think ppl would want to utilize the motion controls…it would create a more realistic game all around and IT DOES!! The wii and prev eye used handheld motion trackers and they were fun, but the Kinect has no device save for your body!
      “How can this not be fun?” It’s revolutionary and sets the bar above all the rests.
      “It’s partially biased and yes it did lack some accuracy.” Now that the kinks will be worked out it will provide like no other the sense of being a part of a story, a part of playing and exploring.”

      The logical answer to it’s slight rejection revolves around a general consensus that we are being watched somehow.”
      Well let me tell you something; satellite’s and television/monitor sets have already existed with that capability for sometime now. “Scary huh?!!”
      “THEY”RE HERE!”
      Now that’s game I would like to see developed…a modern version of the poltergeist films with newbie formulae’s.

  7. I would prefer Xbox but that doesn’t at all mean I don’t like PlayStation.. I’ve
    owned every one of them and ps4 will likely be no different.. But that
    at least gives me some perspective to talk about both..

  8. Personally I want the PS4 I lost my taste for Microsoft products the 3rd time my 360 got the RROD never had that problem with my PS3. Also I like having the ability to play Blu Ray DVDs on my PS3 and soon my PS4. The XBOX 1 will read Blu Ray but only for the purpose of playing video games not for watching DVDs. Also I hate that kinect is included for additional money I have a gym membership don’t force me to workout when i’m playing videogames. I also like the exclusive titles Sony has compared to Microsoft.

  9. I’m a PS fan from the beginning. The thing that I didn’t like about the XBOX was the controller. It just didn’t fit in my hands like the PS controller, it never felt natural like the PS does.

  10. I have always been a fan of x-box since the original, and i love my 360(even got a second for the gf so we can both play) but some of the x-box ones policies concern me. I know they have gone back on a lot of them and that appeased a good number of people but there is nothing preventing them from ever invoking them again like the always needing to be connecting and the share/used game policies. Most of that could be a simple update to make it all come back and they could do it at any time. Most of the games i play are multi platform so i wont be swayed too much by a specific game(but i am going to miss forza), but to me it feels like the PS4 is going a more traditional gaming route and that is something i am more comfortable with. This article was very well written and it was nice seeing the stats laid out so clearly. I just hope developers utilize the power of both machines.

  11. All this theoretical statistics are just that….Theoretical. We will not know what the xbox one or the PoS4 have inside the box until we have the actual hardware is in hand and analyzed for true specs. Then benchmark tested to get the correct results.
    The past gen we were flood(I was too)with hype. Hype that originated from sony about it’s technical superiority; which I bought into. Then the truth was revealed. This happened before with the ps2. The Kinect peripheral is awesome and there is no way anyone can NOT consider it revolutionary and ideal for gaming!
    Sony in general lost the last two rounds and it might be close this time around, but MS has proven themselves an will once again. the only thing that might hold them back is the PC opts. otherwise they have a strong line up, a potent(more potent thean the PS4)console that deserves all the credit and generally safe xboxlive environment.

  12. Sum good articles on this site!

  13. I am the happy owner of a 360 since 2007. I have had a lot of fun with it. I did have to replace the original because it would stop dead in it’s tracks during game play on MW2. It was not the classic RROD but one of the other problems related to the cooling system.

    Nothing bad to say about the 360, but I am leaning towards the PS4 at this point. I like the price better and i’ll probably wait a year anyhow after launch to get one, but I just have this feeling that PS4 is really gonna nail it down with this system and I think their focus is still on core gamer’s, whereas MS is moving off in a multi platform direction much more heavily.

    Specs to me are important and I do believe that PS4 has got it all over the X1. Some specs are inconsequential, but the main ones listed in the article are integral and also telling in my mind.

    The Kinect 2.0 sounds really nice, but I am not interested in motion or multi player platforms so it really holds little for me personally.

    I think the 360 won the war of this current generation, but I have this gut feeling that PS4 is gonna take the next.

  14. Both systems are promising to reduce the starting time it takes to actually start playing a game, which will be a great pick for many peoples.

  15. I have heard from the sources that Microsoft have dropped the ball with the xbox one.

  16. Really the console is mainly built for games. Microsoft “first Xbox, then 360, and now the
    One. It’s a pity you gamers take it up the ass so easily, or we might
    have a sense of satisfaction.

  17. Even I wont buy it for 3-4 years after release because then we will be able to see its true potential, once devs get used to the software. Then we will get the real good games. Games much better than those ”launch” titles. So I am sticking with my PS3.
    Reckon its got some life left in it. We are yet to see its best because sony says ”Save the best for the last”

  18. It’s so sad and pathetic. X1 fanboys have NOTHING to say. Has the X1 lost this quickly, is there no reason to choose the X1 over PS4? GG Microsoft, gg

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