Immortal: Unchained

The latest trailer for the shooter-based action RPG Immortal: Unchained gives prospective players a glimpse at the lore leading in to the title’s story, as well as a release date.

Biblical in scope, the teaser explains that the universe was born from a precursor artefact known only as the Monolith. Life formed over time, and, eventually, the diverse races came into conflict with one, known as the Prime, ultimately achieving “dominion over all life” through the power of the Monolith. However, a great evil has infested the cosmos, bringing an apocalypse to the long-running golden age.

While not explained in this latest trailer, Immortal: Unchained casts players as an ancient being that, for eons, has been bound, but wakens and sets out to uncover the source of decay that has spread throughout the worlds.

Although the marketing avoids direct comparisons to From Software’s Souls series, the game is described as “the first hardcore shooter for the Action-RPG genre.” The project promises to include more than 100 different guns, alongside myriad armours and unique weapons with which players are able to customise their character.

As revealed in the new trailer, Immortal: Unchained is scheduled for release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on September 7.

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Damien Lawardorn
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