When For Honor was first announced, I very much expected that there would be some sort of single player component in the game. However, I didn’t expect much; when Ubisoft announced Rainbow Six Siege and dodged the question of a single player campaign for months, my hopes weren’t high for For Honor.

The developers stated at the game’s reveal For Honor would have a single player campaign, but as of late I’m incredibly skeptical of any game that reveals itself as a multiplayer title and then the developers later say there will be single player. The developers of Rainbow Six Siege (a game I very much enjoy, I might add) seem to think the Situations mode, which is a glorified tutorial system than includes voiced-over cutscenes, is viable as a single player campaign.

Here’s what was supposed to be in Rainbow Six Siege’s campaign mode:

“After years of dormancy, the Rainbow program has been reactivated by a new Six (voiced by Angela Bassett) to combat a new enemy known only as the White Masks. You have been called on to assemble an elite team of specialists from counter-terrorist units around the world, and in Rainbow Six Siege, you will recruit these Operators through various missions by playing any mode and gaining renown.

The White Masks are a relative mystery. Their motives and goals are unknown, but we do know they have no qualms with taking innocent lives. “We don’t know what they want, but they are wreaking havoc all over the world,” says Witts. “Rainbow is the task force called in to take down this threat. It’s up to you to rebuild the program under Six’s direction.”

Not sure about you, but I’ve played a lot of Rainbow Six Siege and I haven’t heard a single mention of the “White Masks” in the game. Anyways, the point of talking about Siege was just to give you an idea of how…misleading Ubisoft can be about their games sometimes when it comes to marketing.

For Honor, however, really surprised me at E3 this year. As I said above, I wasn’t expecting much from the game’s single player campaign. I was mostly expecting it to be something similar to what Siege offered in its Situations mode, but instead we really are getting a fully-fledged single player campaign, and surprisingly enough it actually looks pretty fun.

We’ve seen two missions from the campaign so far, one featuring Knights and one featuring Vikings, and both showcase some truly gorgeous settings and the great fighting mechanics Ubisoft Montreal have developed for the game called the Art of Battle.

You can check out the story trailer for the game below if you want to know more about the basic premise behind For Honor’s story mode.

I’m not expecting anything groundbreaking from the campaign mode, to be honest. Mostly, and as much as I’ll probably get yelled at for saying this, I want a campaign similar to that of Ryse: Son of Rome, but with more control over the combat and bigger, more intense battles–which seems to be exactly what we’re getting with For Honor, and that has me pretty excited.

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