Upcoming indie developer, Lilith Ltd, has just released a 14 minute prototype gameplay video for their upcoming first person horror game, Allison Road. I usually don’t get scared while watching someone else play a horror game, but this gameplay video had me white knuckled the whole time, during the day…

The gameplay video you can check out below isn’t something you’ll play in the full release, as the developer didn’t want to spoil anything, but give you a taste of what they’re going for in the full game. Allison Road is scheduled for release on the PC and VR platforms sometime in 2016.

We’ll certainly look into getting in touch with Lilith Ltd to see about learning more about the game so stay tuned to OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter for further updates.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. Big “Eff you” to Konami aside (you snooze you lose, Konami), this is pretty great. Visually impressive and I spent the entirety of that video scream-chanting “I know you’re gonna do it, so do it already!” in my terrified brain.

    One complaint is that, while the last scene was scary, the ghost appearing right after he exited the bathroom was a bit too much visual exposure for it. It could have been made a much creepier encounter. Like seeing it at the end of the hallway, dimly lit, like the demo teaser it is clearly inspired from. What you hide is much scarier than what you show.

    I hope they can create good horror, not just good visuals. The atmosphere is good, ideas for the manifestations good, but the “monster” was exposed too much and cheap “I see you” sounds too tacky. Good concept and this is just a demo of their ideas, but there’s my feedback.

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