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Id Software has discussed releasing DOOM Eternal on current generation platforms and the possibilities that come with next generation consoles.

In an interview with VCG, DOOM Eternal executive producer Marty Stratton and creative director Hugo Martin elaborated on targeting current generation consoles for the release of DOOM Eternal and how it is helping the studio prepare for the next generation. Stratton stated, “Our tech is so scalable… it’s again a great advantage for us. That team is seeing the stuff years down the road and because they take such pride in how optimized the engine is, they make sure it runs on everything from a Switch to the highest end PC. It’s great because they take an equal amount of pride from that range. They will be the first to read all of the reviews about how the game is performing on the highest end, down to the fact that it runs on past-gen consoles.”

Additionally, Martin said that both Sony and Microsoft are building better tools for developers to create better games and that the barriers for entry have broken down. With the news that both Sony and Microsoft are planning to add high-bandwidth SSD’s to their next generation consoles, Martin noted, “It will be exciting to see what we’re able to do with it for sure.”

Lastly, Stratton spoke about new technologies that are coming with the next generation, particularly ray tracing. However, Stratton explained that releasing DOOM Eternal first is the studio’s biggest priority.

“We’ll probably get into that further down the road with DOOM Eternal, but our rendering team is among the best in the industry. Ray tracing is just a matter of priority for us.”

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