Looking to build on the success of the original Consortium, Interdimensional Games are launching their next Kickstarter on January 18 to raise funds for the sequel: The Tower.

The second of a proposed trilogy relating to the iDGi-1 Discoveries stories, The Tower will again be a first-person shooter RPG with a deep, personal narrative akin to the Mass Effect series. Your choices within the ‘Waterfall Dialogue Tree System’ will affect how the story plays out, even to the point of the ‘main’ storyline drastically changing with each playthrough. Combat can also be completely avoided to allow for a pacifist route through the game.

Here is the story summation taken from the official website:

“We here at iDGi have invented a satellite capable of opening a rift through time and space. Travel with us through this rift to the year 2042, where Consortium agent Bishop Six awaits our guidance in determining the ultimate fate of his world.”

Whether you played the original Consortium or are new to the series, you’ve got 6 days to rustle up some cash to support Interdimensional Games in kickstarting their space-age RPG sequel. When you’re ready, visit their site at thetowergame.com.

You can catch the teaser trailer released in December as well as more information for the game right here.

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Rhys Cooper

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