The mobile strategy game market is as over saturated as the console first person shooter. However, a few sparkles of light shine through the crowded light show that is the mobile strategy game market. One of those fine sparkles is Jolly Pixel, developer of the popular indie strategy game series Pixel Soldiers.

Jolly Pixel consists of a one man army. Kris Errington got his start in wargaming at the early age of nine-years-old, where the battlefield was paper cutout and cardboard. He later attended college at Canterbury Christ Church in the United Kingdom. His love for history pushed him to pursue it at a higher academic level, inspiring him to create the in-depth wargames he makes today.

OnlySP recently spoke with Errington to discuss the state of Pixel Soldiers.

Pixel Soldiers

OnlySP: What made you start start developing strategy games?

Errington: I was designing strategy games since I was about 9 years old! Though just using bits of cut up paper and cardboard! Have only started programming in the last few years and since strategy games have always been my mine focus on the past, I decided to give it another try, using computers this time!

OnlySP: Why did you decide on historical wargaming as your genre of choice?

Errington: I just really enjoy history. I studied it at university. I didn’t really consider any other setting.

OnlySP: What is your process for developing a Pixel Soldiers game?

Errington: By shortlisting the subjects I’m interested in covering, then out of those, think about the scenarios and if I can build a fun game out of it. I built a core engine for all the Pixel Soldiers games to run on, so when I add new features to one game, the other games can also make use of them. It also means that I only need to write code specifically for the new game.

Pixel Soldiers

OnlySP: Do you have any plans on bringing Pixel Soldiers to other platform? If so which ones?

Errington: No plans yet, but I have been considering a release to other platforms. I would probably aim for a desktop PC release first.

OnlySP: Can you reveal any current projects you are working on?

Errington: Next will be an add-on campaign for ‘The Great War’. Shouldn’t be much longer till that’s finished.

OnlySP: Is there anything else you would like to tell your supporters?

Errington: Thanks for supporting what I’m doing! And if anyone has any suggestions for future games and features, please let me know!

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