Back in June 2012, former Call of Duty community manager Robert Bowling announced his first project at his new development studio Robotoki. Human Element, a next-gen open world survival game will be the studio’s first release and since the announcement of the game in Gameinformer’s cover story, we haven’t seen a single screenshot of the game. We were hoping to at least see a trailer for the game at E3 2013, but nothing was shown.

If you’ve never heard of Human Element, Bowling talked about the game in an AMA on Raptr a while back, giving a pretty detailed explanation of what the game is planned to be. You can read the full quote below:

This is definitely all about Survival, not Horror. As I said, this is a zombie game that isn’t about zombies, so we’re not taking that typical horror approach. This is 35 years AFTER the event, so zombies are more of an annoyance than anything. They’re present, but not a threat to us, we know how to deal with them. However, there are still elements of suspense, rather than horror per say.

For example, that moment when you realize you have 1 bullet and a roaming gang of 4 survivors who desperately need what you have in your pack. Alerting them means confrontation, and firing one shot may take out one of them, but alerts everyone else to your presence. It’s about making smart choices with the sole goal of surviving. Some of the biggest inspirations from a atmosphere standpoint are Minecraft (an open world with infinite possibility and very little hand holding), as well as Red Dead Redemption (dynamic scenarios that occur throughout the world, unlinked from the story of plot), as well as the depth and experience of games like Fallout 3 (the feeling of coming out of that vault with nothing but a bb gun, a tattered jump suit, and absolutely no clue where to go next).

Our goal is to give the players a platform to define what is fun for them, rather than give them a dotted line to follow.

According to Bowling in a recent Tweet, it looks like we’ll be waiting even longer to hear anything more on Human Element, unfortunately.


The latest status update from Bowling on Human Element was back in December, telling a Twitter user that the game is coming along nicely. Currently, Robotoki is heads down in development on the game, so hopefully we’ll get some new information sometime this year.


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