I’m pretty happy with the Definitive Edition of DmC so far, it really helps to have that 60fps going for it that the previous games have always had. The combat balance can be felt, the old Dante models are nice, and the little uptick in graphics is appreciated. Whether you dug the reboot or not the property’s future deserves some discussion and the release of a new edition of the reboot is as good a time as any for it.

Devil May Cry is just too big and valuable an IP for Capcom to let it languish in the purgatory of “What the hell should we do with this now?”-land like, say Resident Evil.

Ninja Theory’s reboot effort was a very good game, as reflected by reviews, but of course the fans of the series all but boycotted it due to Capcom’s major changes. Yes, those were driven by Capcom and not Ninja Theory. The people have spoken with their wallets and the sales aren’t like they used to be. That could be a reason for releasing a Definitive Edition in the first place, to try to squeeze some bucks out of it. Maybe even get some former haters on board who have calmed down. I doubt that will be enough to secure the future path for the franchise though.

Change is difficult, perhaps continuing the saga from where DmC ends (with enough fan pandering) could slowly re-grow the popularity of the franchise. I think I can say without spoiling anything that at the end of DmC the world is well set up to move right into the more familiar Devil May Cry universe if Capcom chose to redirect the focus. Then again the old fans may just never accept this new direction, not unlike Final Fantasy fans and their battle.

I recently learned there would be a new Alien movie. It will ignore everything that happened after James Cameron’s Aliens and essentially function as Aliens 2 without having to fit the later canon of Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection which some fans weren’t pleased with. So that is the other option, just pretend DmC never happened. Return Dante to his former self, half demon and half human instead of half angel, and continue the old series directly after Devil May Cry 4. I sort of liked Nero anyway, but that’s another can of worms.


Having two franchises probably isn’t an option, unlike Tomb Raider which also has the dungeon crawlers Guardian of Light and Temple of Osiris attached to it, DMC is a game that requires big money flash no matter how you do it. Along with everything else you have to take into account that Ninja Theory will be busy for a while and it’s actually questionable that anyone else can reach the quality DmC did (8-9 scores). They may have to work on it themselves instead of outsourcing, as they have made a habit of doing.

I’d love to be a fly on the wall at some of these Capcom meetings that are going to figure out what to do. I hope they are actually having them too. As a fan I’d like a decision and a game made asap.

Which direction do you think the series should take?


David D. Nelson
David D. Nelson is a polymath with a BA in English working as an independent writing and editing professional. He enjoys gaming, literature, and a good hat.

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  1. DMC is just indigestible, capcom should issue a full apology to the industry itself and put out 5 like everyone want. No one wanted DMC, the market spoke, it’s bad and it’s dead, undo it.

    1. I don’t think it is too bad but it should be more character work. It is more a lesson than anything. The talent at Capcom need to start thinking outside the box and see what their strenghs are. How would you design the game. I like the grimier DMC style but would like the over the top sequence and maybe cinematics you would get from Tomb Raider when certain things randomly fly you touch certain buttons. keeps players on their toes and wondering what will happen. as for kojima nreworking. maybe some funny quirky moments in the game. does it have leeway for new ideas now? maybe a new engine for it instead now?

  2. Kojima leaves Konami and joins Capcom to rework Dev
    il May Cry!

  3. Dmc 2 should be made. People are complaining about an amazing game that they prob havent even tried yet and the definitive edition fixed all the flaws most people did complain about. DMC deserves a sequel

  4. The reboot is the only DmC game I’ve played & I enjoyed it. The previous ones just haven’t interested me.

  5. I just hope they cancel DmC for good and continue with DMC5 so it actually be fun

  6. More DMC devil may cry!!!

  7. for devil may cry I feel it needs to go back to the original incarnation the reboot was only ok at best and to easy even the definitive edition is to easy 1 button to launch enemies into the air to casual friendly the added manual lockon was still tacky the combat was less flashy than past games to be honest even devil may cry 3 aswell as 4 had much better and faster combat I liked the fact that devil may cry u use to have to learn the combat not just pick up and play like the reboot had not saying the reboot didn’t try hard for an action game yeah it was ok but for devil may cry no way devil may cry needs to keep the Japanese flair that’s what was so good about it in the first place 4 backtracking was the only problem I had nero missions with dante but I feel it was rushed for release a lot of fans tried the reboot and just didn’t like it the sales must prove that so no DmC 2 also vergil didn’t have the bad ass persona that he has in DMC 3.capcom need to redeem themselves fast they have a fanbase that love the games they use to make so they need to win them back as they are guaranteed cash makers DmC was just a mistake that didn’t get what Capcom wanted

  8. Personally, I think Capcom did all that it could have done with the original franchise and despite what all the hardcore fans may say, I don’t think it’s the shining example of greatness people make it out to be. Devil May Cry 1 was good, and still holds up, but still hand it’s major problems (Voice Acting and Combat that has not aged the best). Devil May Cry 2 was bad not the worst but still bad for obvious reasons. Devil May Cry 3 was Great no doubt, but around this time I think Capcom didn’t know what to do with the franchise much like with there Resident Evil franchise. Which then leads us to the mixed bag that is Devil May Cry 4, personally loved the parts where you play as Dante, hated the parts as Nero, also Nero is worse then Ninja Theories Dante In my humble opinion. After Devil May Cry 4, Capcom had no idea what to do with the franchise and truth be told it was getting kind of getting stale overall. But then in 2013 DMC: Devil May Cry came out and got mixed results, but you know what it did? DMC, put the franchise back into public consciousness. Without it the whole franchise would have been forgotten and nobody would have even cared or known about it, excluding the hardcore fans. I think it’s a great game, on pair with the original, but not nearly as good as Devil May Cry 3. This knew franchise has more potential in the long run from the original. So yeah, I’m for the new franchise simply because it has more potential then the old one.

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