Having just finished inFamous: Second Son (finally), I can’t help but feel underwhelmed. I’m not as underwhelmed as I was the first day I played it because things do pick up a little toward the end but for the most part this game lets inFamous fans down in this writer’s opinion.

I don’t mean to take anything from Sucker Punch, they’ve made a fine game here in many respects. It is buttery smooth, the mechanics are much more reliable than previous entries, and you can tell there is great attention to detail in everything. The problem is that so much has been scaled back or made easier instead of developed further we wind up with a product that follows everybody else down the rabbit hole of mainstream appeal, leaving fans of the PS3 games behind.

At first I just thought I didn’t like the new protagonist and that was clouding my mind. He’s a cheesy knucklehead compared to Cole’s dark everyman. It turns out it’s more than that. The story in general has very little to it. If I were writing a plot dealing with people with special powers the first thing I’d do is stay away from retreading the same ground that X-Men has been walking for years. If I did do that though, I’d probably try to think of something more original or that contains more twists and turns than your basic government oppression route. Delsin’s origins felt like an afterthought as well. Cole, the Ray Sphere, Kessler, The Beast . . . they all made for a dark and interesting comic book style plot. Delsin getting upset that Grandma got some concrete on her legs… not so dark and brooding. It’s a good guy versus bad troops (who make for very few enemy types) story and very little happening in between. The improvement in storytelling through dramatic scenes from i1 go i2 (after help from Naughty Dog) was palpable. With Second Son it’s like none of that ever happened. It smells of PG13 Hollywood now.

It’s not the worst story, as I said things pick up a bit toward the end, however the gameplay pulls back too. Seattle may be lovingly recreated but because of the way it plays the city precludes itself from being a star of any kind. InFamous grew out of the Sly Cooper franchise where platforming was the order of the day. Cole was a climber and parkour lover. Climbing and platforming made the city a jungle gym, and when things moved to New Marais that was made more interesting with varying landscapes in and around the city proper like floodtown, the graveyard and the marshes. Seattle is Seattle, it’s just a city that isn’t much changed. What makes it a problem is the new lack of platforming. What made Prototype an inferior copy was the ease with which one traversed the landscape. When you are always zipping by, cruising through, or otherwise avoiding direct interaction with the city, you never the sense that it is anything more than a set of obstacles and scenery. That defeats the purpose of having a sandbox game in the first place. Sure, you can still run and climb around if you want to but the missions aren’t structured around it, aren’t as varied as they once were, and Delsin is more like a hovercraft than a person that grips their surroundings (Cole).

Probably the biggest drawback is the lack of powers in addition to their being streamlined. The biggest draw pre-launch was that Delsin was like Megaman, he absorbs other cool powers and goes to town. So naturally I assumed I’d have access to something like Cole’s powers times 3 or 4. Instead we get these cool base conduit powers which have very few applications. With electricity it was like I was built to destroy. Grenades and rockets and various projectiles, shields and forces and boosts, sniping and homing and hookshot and gigawatt blades! Half the fun was just laying waste by stacking power after power against oncoming hordes of enemies. The extent to which you can do that in Second Son is much reduced. We can’t switch base powers on demand, and each one of those has just a few things attached to it. There’s a projectile, a thrust, and a missile. They vary a bit here and there with sniping attached to neon, a shotgun blast attached to smoke, and a sneak attack attached to video. Without the ability to switch on the fly there’s just very little you can do to attack but mix up the same 3 moves. There are the super special moves which are very cool but are much more difficult to earn.

Atop these observations is the general appearance that there is nothing about this entry which makes it a next generation experience beyond the graphics. By my estimation there was a great deal more to be done with side quests and karma than continuing to beat on protestors and chase secret agents. I had also expected a more realistic crowd experience on the street.

After the first game blew me away I pre-ordered the second game and for the first time in history bought the collector’s edition of a game. With Second Son, I am finished with giving the franchise my undivided attention. No more day 1 purchases, I’ll just wait like I do with other series that have opted for simplicity over content. I know my single purchase won’t make a difference but it is unfortunate to see another great experience given over to decline.

David D. Nelson
David D. Nelson is a polymath with a BA in English working as an independent writing and editing professional. He enjoys gaming, literature, and a good hat.

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  1. I just finished Second Son and I was pretty underwhelmed as well. It’s a good game by all means, but I didn’t like the direction that Sucker Punch took with it. I didn’t like the realism that was involved and was much more attached and interested in Cole’s story over Deslin’s and the more comical fantasy part of what made inFamous 2 so much fun.

    With that said, I liked Deslin’s character, he’s funny and he’s relatable. But the story was just to cliche really and the side character’s never really grew into anything. They all had interesting back stories that were never really explored in the game at all. Maybe in DLC they will be, but that’s besides the point.

    If they do another entry, it needs to go back to the comical style of things, not become more realistic. This didn’t feel like the super hero game that inFamous 1 and 2 felt like and wasn’t nearly as interesting story wise.

    1. One of the biggest problems i had with it is *spoiler* the Concrete power has no super bomb :/

      1. Hence why i prefer video power – the beasts are EPIC! – only power i’ve used since the final battle

      2. New power time aka not so new power now :¬[ Sucker punch dropped the ball hard by making delsin’s powers uninspiring as a whole. They should have gone in hard with what he could do, allow him to switch powers on the fly since they feel the same. Split them up so you need to touch something to use one tool?? That’s how his different abilities felt like for me

    2. What this guy said ^

    3. I also found the other characters very lacking. I mean after the initial meaning of Fetch you don’t see her until closer to the end. There was a lot more going on in previous Infamous titles, especially alot more antagonists too. The main enemy in Second Son is very underwhelming.
      And seriously what is up with the name Second Son? Wasn’t there a group in the first game called the First Sons? I thought it might go back to this.

      1. They named the game Second Son for the meaning of the character Delsin himself. Delsin is the Second Son,literally and when your brother has a more succesful life than you as oh I don’t know a cop? You would feel as a dissapoinment. But if you get some powers,like Delsin,you’d try to prove that you can be yourself and help too. That’s why you hear Delsin say: “This is not your problem to fix,it is mine.” Because Delsin finally has a chance. And yes,Sucker Punch tried to shove in your brain a moral message like in the movies.

    4. Hmmm nah, love new gameplay mechanics, love the realism, infamous 1, and 2 I loved playing them, but they were buggy and very bad for climbing things also very frustrating. Story wise they were cool, but what they did hear is open up a lot for future dlc and games .

  2. I have to disagree I am like you where I played infamous 1 and pre-ordered 2. I loved this game I really enjoyed playing it and to change to a different power is easy especially the last one (won’t say what it is because of spoilers). The building climbing used to be a bit of a bug bear for me so the way to get up a building quick and think is good.

  3. I completely disagree with everything stated here. I’m not even gonna go into details or reasons because I don’t even wanna bother. The only thing I agree with somewhat, is that the writing could have been better. Everything else about this game us superb. Not next gen? Dude is blind, that’s for sure.

    1. Well if you’re going to disagree with someone’s opinion and then insult the writer, you probably should provide your opinion on why you think that way about the game. Otherwise you just sound like a fanboy, just saying.

      1. I didn’t insult anyone. Had I wanted to insult the writer, I would have chosen very different words. Second, I’m not even a huge fan of this franchise, and my statement had nothing to do with being a fanboy or not. So please, so spare me the drama.

        1. Like I said, just sounded like a fanboy statement. Sorry if I came off a little harsh there, I don’t bother calling people fanboys, hell the word is stupid in itself ha. But, again, if you’re going to call a writer “blind” and you’re not willing to share your opinion on why the game is good then there’s nothing to back up you calling someone “blind”.

          1. Let me be honest here, it was 6 am, I was tired (still am) and I didn’t want to go into it for that reason specifically, not because because I wasn’t willing to share my reasons. It was a matter of sleep, and not wanting to write an essay, which I probably would have if I wasn’t so sleepy. And I already have my reasons, the blind part was in reference to the author saying the game wasn’t next gen other than visuals. That’s all. Not an insult, an observation or criticism, just as he’s criticizing the game. Is the game perfect? Hell no, but it’s still great. As stated before, I hated the first game, the character was down right unlikable, and plot was a little out there. This iteration keeps it comic-book like, while retains realism and a character that’s relatable. Again, these flaws the games have are minor, but nothing deserving of the title of this article.

          2. I agree with the writer’s statement of ‘Next-Gen visiuals, not next-gen gameplay’. When compared to infamous 2, the power tree there is far deeper and more varied, the characters are more complex and duplicitous, enemies and their powers evolve and diverse over time (Gargantuan Mutant MONSTERS!) and as he mentions, power-switching on the fly is just more fluid, practical and downright enjoyable. Second Son is a good game, but wrapping the same basic moves in 4 different styles is not especially great for varied gameplay. Sure they look different and traversal is SLIGHTLY changed, but overall the 4 powers seem pretty similar. Also its cliched story and characters, while well acted, are a step back from the previous game. Secomd Son is a solid 7/10 in my book, but Inf2 was a far deeper and richer experience and as close to perfection as the series has come this far.

          3. I agree, gameplay elements could be improved. I just don’t agree that this game hurt the franchise. That’s a bit far fetched.

          4. Because it’s pretty obvious the term blind means everything the writer wrote he feels the opposite so do I . I dont agree at all with writer. I left my opinion a few replies up. Fanboy comment is outdated as a lot of these writers are low key fanboys who hate on things , but then say positive things , but finish with more hate . Like the title of this article clearly is hating.

          5. He’s not hating on anything though. He’s a critic, and he analyses the games he plays. That’s what were supposed to do, and he didn’t even hate the game. You’re reading into the title like its an insult to the franchise when its not. It’s an opinion, not a fact and it’s only presented as an opinion.

    2. So your saying you had fun after you completed the game? It has zero replay value and it is not fun to find hidden cameras. I was hoping the side missions would be a step UP not a step DOWN

      1. What I’m saying is the game is not perfect, but still awesome. Then again, many good open world games suffer from this issue. And yes, I had fun getting the platinum trophy.

      2. I did I played it and beat it a few times. Paper trail was fun , and pretty sure dlc will be fun hoping for paper powers. So Ya Wat was ur point

  4. Thirding the disagreement – loved the game, loved the ending, can’t wait for more.

  5. I’ve definitely been burned hard by Day One purchases before and while I’ve yet to play Second Son, I was never really compelled to finish inFamous 2. The quests weren’t compelling at all and all I did was zip around collecting blast shards. I’m not saying 2 was a bad game but it just didn’t draw me in enough to finish it. I had a good time but because I made my own fun exploring.

    However, I’m still on the fence about inFamous 2 ! Anyone want to convince me otherwise? :)

    1. It’s an amazing and really pretty game all around, most side quests are repetitive. The game could have had a better writer, but it wasn’t horrible either. It’s the best one to date, though I hated the first one. I The second one was great in my opinion.

    2. Still worth the buy. Look at the reviews on Metacritics and that should help you make a choice.

    3. It’s certainly worth a playthrough if you like the franchise. If you don’t, well it’s hard to say if you’d get enjoyment out of it Nate.

  6. Liked the game, disagree with author. I think it’s a huge stretch to say this has ‘hurt the franchise’. It’s set on being the best selling Infamous title yet, so there’s really no excuse for the baseless conjecture that passes for a title on onlysp.

    1. Sales aren’t the only important thing to the success of a franchise. The game may have sold well, but is it something people are going to want to buy again, that is the question. As some have noted, this was many people’s first entry into the franchise as the game has a small user base on PS3. So, first impressions count for everything here especially as a mid-launch title on the PS4.

      1. I think what he means is the article is in the minority, but then again, to each their own.

        1. Oh I agree that the article is in the minority, most of what I’ve seen is praise for the game. The author, David, is a hardcore Playstation fan I’ll tell you that much. He plays a lot of games, but is also much more critical of them than the average person. He has a lot of unpopular opinions lol I’ll just put it that way.

          And I’m also not just agreeing with him because he writes for me either. I loved Infamous 2, played that game to death and while I played Second Son I pretty much had the same thoughts he listed here throughout the game. Do I agree with the title? Eh, somewhat, but I mean, only a small portion of gamers voice their opinion online, so then again, maybe the titles correct. If there’s another entry in the series, that’ll tell you if Second Son did anything good for the franchise.

          1. Yeah, certainly. Well I agree with some points, writing (they need to hire someone else), and the climbing on buildings too, but I can’t read this and take it seriously when he uses Infamous 1 as an example of a good game, and comparing that with Second Son lol. I hated that game. Lucky I gave the sequel a chance, because it was amazing. They changed the voice actor, and made him less moody, also loved his and Zeeks bromance. But Cole’s character is kinda one dimensional, versus Delsin. I guess they both have pro’s and cons :)

          2. The first game in the franchise didn’t play all that well in my opinion, but it was a great game story wise I think. That’s the only reason I finished it to the end.

          3. I finished it for that reason alone. But man did it suck…I didn’t feel like a bad-ass hero at all in that game. Second one was it’s redemption, that’s for sure.

          4. Other than first light? (there’s your proof that it’s a good game, stop criticising the game, people)

    2. I agree, all points raised in the article can be taken into account, and I still think saying it hurt the franchise is still a bit over-board.

    3. For the next Infamous game I desperately hope suckerpunch will remove the mechanics in the francise where enemies almost don’t appear anymore after completeing side quests.

    4. Selling on the back on the building the past 2 games built, with star cast voice acting and a completely different world withdrawn from what 1 and 2 built from Cole, Zeke, John, Kessler, Kou, Nix and the mix of differing enemies. I don’t feel 2nd son competed in anything, it felt like a lesser game in the sum to 1 and 2, not that its not a good game, the fact its lacking and just coping the other games but not doing anything. Changing everything so quickly for a game like infamous was a good idea of SP whilst still running with the karma system that was redundant for the long standing infamous fan. 2nd son doesn’t stand up to what sp has done, just makes an empty tech demo for ps4 rather than what we as fans have come to expect from infamous, but instead we are getting experiences that are watered down like every other game

  7. I had pretty much the opposite reaction. I thought Infamous 1 was a bit meh, Infamous 2 was an improvement, but Cole bored me to tears as a character. May as well call him Cole McBland. Second Son is my favorite game in the franchise. I like the new protagonist way better, and I feel the gameplay is more refined and enjoyable.

    My complaints are that Second Son is too short, the final power you attain is worthless, and the story could have been better. Despite that, I think Second Son is the strongest game in the franchise. I’d actually given up on Infamous entirely after the second game, and only bought Second Son because I was desperate for something to play on my PS4. I’m glad I did, because this is the first Infamous game I really liked.

    1. Cole McBland? Lmao. Funniest thing ive heard in a while! lol

    2. I think most agree the game is great, but a better writer could have made that story better, which was the weakest point.

      1. I disagree completely. The writing was top-notch, rivaling and even beating out other AAA titles like GTA V or TLOU. It was the story, and length, that killed any narrative.

    3. Exactly they are heading in better direction

    4. Would you care about Cole if they wrote him differently if he is truly bland. I consider him as one of the lads whilst I imagine Delsin like punk rock being less set than Cole and more reckless without a show intent

  8. The story was always a weak point in the franchise. I can’t comment on second son yet but as for the previous two I honestly think they like the series is underrated. Aside from the story the series only other needs is a more complex AI and probably more variety in enemies.

  9. A very fair post. It is still my my favorite video game series due to it’s mechanics, but I regrettably share your feelings.

    What I am hoping for next time is “Grand Theft Infamous”. Three characters with very different storylines that join up for big missions.

    1. You, I like your thinking. It could add new playable characters instead of saying everyone now has Delson’s power.

  10. I totally agree with the article, though I don’t regret my day-one purchase, not at all. But it seems that Second Son didn’t evolve from inFamous 2 but more from inFamous 1. The second was so epic with huge epic fights, the powers were powerful and the parcour was awesome.

    Cole was amazing, but I really like Delsin too, both are great characters. It’s just that the purpose of Delsin wasn’t as great as Cole’s. And I really hoped that the two stories would be merged together at some point.

    The thing I hated is that the game is amazingly short and side-activities/missions are boring: find a guy in the crowd, find an audio-tape, finding a camera, graffiti (even though it’s really cool to see the art and humor, it brings nothing gameplay wise), destroying cameras, etc. There was no fun for me in doing these and I felt like I was working more than anything else. Side-missions in inFamous 1 and 2 were most axed into combat and epicness.

    But it is a good game, but I think it’s more a follower of the original inFamous than a third installment for the series.

  11. Yeah, have to say I agree, the powers thing didn’t work out at all. It would have been more fun to mix and match than what they did, and you just top off each energy as you’re able. Definitely a step backwards in many ways.

  12. I felt the same way. Got inFamous Collection around Black Friday last year and fell in love. I preordered Second Son and thought it would easily take command my attention. Boy was I wrong.

    And I absolutely agree there’s nothing “next gen” about it. The Last of Us looked almost as good and Grand Theft Auto V did things Second Son fails to even come close to.

    Second Son was the reason I bought a PS4. Now I have to continue waiting for Sony to justify my purchase. At least I’ll have Titanfall and Mario Kart 8 to help with the wait.

  13. I on the other hand didn’t much care for the first two InFamous games. They were fun in short bursts but didn’t have any lasting appeal. Chances are, I am not going to enjoy this game

    1. That’s what I fear. I may just pick it up for a rental to see how it plays first though.

  14. I mostly agree except the part about Delsin being able to move faster. That was a much needed improvement. Parkour again would’ve gotten old really fast, and I was sick of climbing buildings ledge by ledge by Infamous 2. It was really annoying that every other conduit but Cole could teleport or flash step in some manner.

    1. ditto I play these games to feel like a SUPERHERO not a powerless weakling

    2. Infamous was making improvements game by game, if they ran with Cole they could have simply had him powerline thru electrical sources if they wanted, but that may have made him too op. Like look at infamous 1 to 2

  15. Ya totally going to disagree with most everything . I think the game has opened up so much more in the franchise. powers are going to be awesome in future games , there talking about a world in game with many powers and dif real players . Thinking of delsin being bad as bad ending was very brutal, seems delsin might be bad guy in next one . I just think they opened up a world that has so much potential for future games. Idk it just seems that everyone that has feelings for Xbox are hating on anything Sony. Infamous was incredible nuff said …

    1. I hope the next Infamous game won’t be because of either good or the evil ending like suckerpunch did with infamous 2, that would lead on him being more good or evil and I feel as though the games should make the playable characters feel they can be either.

    2. Powers could have been awesome if we got the evil ending in 2. Don’think for what the future hold with infamous matters since visual the games have gotten more and more appealing, just look at 1 then 2 and on to 2nd son. For the future infamous needs to toss out karma, if they want multi ending just link them into difficulty with preset routes and opening up new lines to follow.
      How future wise, yes there is potential in infamous but there will be very few conduits to based the game on and there doesn’t seem to be an interesting world since the impending freights are gone, in infamous 2’s ending we didn’t know what could happen had Cole in both endings could have still been but instead we got a false tease for both endings.

      We need to drakengard infamous, have Delsin be the nier of infamous and continue with Cole

  16. My biggest issue was how threadbare the story was. It was just not good after the storyline in Infamous 1 and 2. It was obviously an after thought and that was disappointing. I also hated how nothing really changed if you were good or bad besides the ending. I mean seriously Reggie would have never backed an evil Delsin yet his relationship with Delsin is the same whether you are good or evil.

  17. So your problem with the story is that it wasn’t dark? I don’t understand why something needs to be dark to be interesting.

  18. No, Buck. Do you even read (bro)? His problem was not that the story wasn’t dark, but that it wasn’t very thoughtful or original, among other things. There will definitely be more inFamous games, thanks to the massive sales… Let’s just hope the next game stops trying to simplify everything.

    1. sorry, haven’t checked in a while. There is no such thing as “original” in story elements. Make the entire cast die? Genre dedicated to that (tragedy). Make the story based around a personnel problem? Lots of people wrote that already. But yeah I hope future infamous games get more detail

  19. A message from the out side world: You sir must be some sad and lame ass who has that “glass half empty” approach to things. This is the best installment so far! They have massive room to make another story or carry on with something to do with the D.U.P.
    Who knows.. You just want to suck the life out of this game.

    1. A message from the real word: You, cretin, are a boring yesman without an independent thought because you lack the capacity to think for yourself. You are so unfulfilled and boring that you throw a tenper tantrum when someone legitimately criticises a video game.
      He criticises the game so the flaws can be filtered out by the development team so the game can get even better.
      Fact, you are the type of moron who sucks up to the school bully instead of standing up to them because you are a cowardly yesman who thinks the bully will be kind to you if you act like a suckup, instead of realising that you are saying “Hey, dont change ANYTHING, DONT IMPROVE AT ALL”

      You are pathetic.

      1. Played all 3 games. Gotta agree with that guy. Second Son is superior in everything: from storytelling and a much more appealing protagonist to gameplay. Deal with it.

        1. You’re pathetic yesman, your flat out wrong, no one will ever take you seriously. Deal with it.


          1. OkayDoc,

            Stop trolling. If the guy enjoys it and says what he feels about it, it doesn not make him a yes man, or a man who bandwagons. What it does make him, is a man who has his own personal opinion. Personally, I feel you’re the pathetic one.

            Also… it’s “you’re a pathetic yes-man”. Learn proper grammar

    2. I’m not sure if you even played the first two games because the moral choices in this game held no weight and the powers were lacking in, well, power. The story was shit and the game took 12 hours (if even) to beat with all the side quests. Not to mention the characters that were in it were there for a mission or two then gone for good which is probably for the best since they were so uninteresting anyway.

  20. I agree 100%.
    I LOVED the inFAMOUS games and while the second game put a perfect ending on the whole conduit/human problem now they throw this all out of the window to melk the cashcow and place the franchise on mainstream market.
    troy baker and laura bailey as voice actors proof that the inFAMOUS franchise now become a victim of the mainstream murderer!

  21. Prototype an inferior copy?! Screw this guy

    1. I loved prototype and thought they were very similar and very different. Both very fun games.
      Wish I played 2 but heard it wasn’t that good

    2. Prototype is by far the inferior game. The storyline and gameplay were pretty bad. THe concept is great, just wasn’t executed very well. Also, you can have an opinion without insulting the author! :)

  22. Infamous 2 was the most superior game of the franchise. The story following number one was good. The ending of the Evil Path was a fricken tearjerker. The gameplay was much more interesting that 1. Then comes SS. SS was a great game, i enjoyed the hell out of it. However, i can’t overlook the boring side missions (except the billboard ones), or the lack of better storytelling in some areas i.e. Reggie say he’s proud in both paths (how to love your homicidal brother by Reggie Rower). Also, where do we go from here. Conduits are accepted, or conduits take over the world. We’re never going to get the storytelling from 1/2 again, b/c how would you even do it. Saddens me that this might be the end of the road for a good story that doesn’t feel forced.

    1. I feel the same way. infamous 1 was a good game but had a lot of problems and you can feel it’s age playing it (if that makes sense, like the way cutscenes are and interacting with npcs) but 2 was just a lot more smooth with the abilities and maneuvering and the story was great imo. ss seemed rush story wise…they clearly spent a good amount of time on the gameplay itself cause it’s amazing…travelling throughout the city is equally fun if not more than doing missions/side missions. they could have done a lot more with the story. also don’t feel delsin was a deep enough character for this game…I wish they had brought cole mcgrath back for this game but I get why they wanted the new character, could have done a lot more with delsin’s character or his x-men rogue ability and the conduits he meets

      1. Story of 1 was great, it gave meaning to a good amount of your choices and you could except playing the game twice. Had great characters with good plot such as Kessler, betrayals and deaths. The ending made the game come full circle which allow you to appreciate the game and either understand or lament Kessler and his decisions or what his actions could have meant to his world, is this the same timeline or split. Then 2 was too good, the gameplay cleaned up, the world was better and far more unique than in 1 then world building outside of Empire City. Cole was growing and we got our first run in with the beast, which would make you think is this when Kessler 1st got a run in with the beast? Did Kessler’s existence speed up his arrival. Then nearing the ending of 2 makes you wonder was Kessler wrong about the beast, was he helping the conduits or was Kessler simply afraid and protecting his family to see that he left his city to die?
        Delsin just feels like a cog, under developed and held back to the idea of the karma system, which 2nd son has made the system more redundant than it was before as it has no merit to the whole dynamic. Cole felt more like a person to me whilst Delsin appeals to teens of an edgy punk infused nature but even with is punk feel appeal less to me than Cole. 2nd son feels like a ps4 show demo than an actual series title whist 1st Light was far more intregging and tried to pan away from the formula that was infamous thru 1 to 2nd Son, giving it merit whist 2nd son simply continued from something that was loosely tied to. 2nd Son feels like to estranged son of infamous instead of its own thing

    2. Totally agree. I’ve heard many of the same complaints about SS. Infamous 2 was the creative peak.

    3. I totally agree, John. SS was good…just not as good as its predecessors, and I’m not sure, but I think a LOT shorter. Haven’t played the DLC yet, but the Paper Trail was…tedious. A little fun, but the back and forth between the computer, sometimes w/ clues so obscure you’d never get them, or “mini-games” that relied far too much on luck (or game walkthroughs, lol)…tedious.

      I think they could’ve (and still CAN) done a LOT more w/ the leech powers (maybe holding down one button takes you to a wheel menu that lets you pick the power you want, and just running along the ground can recharge concrete), but it felt like they just tried to cut things short to make a deadline. I’d love to see what Sucker Punch could do if they just focused on making the best game they could with this franchise. Ooh, and bring back Amon Tobin for the music; it really drew me in for the first two.

  23. Just wrote a similar review after JUST finishing this game.

  24. Boo hoo, he’s not “dark and gritty” therefore he’s a bad unrelatable character. Dude, get real, not every character has to me some generic brooding cliche. I liked Delsin, and it’s not like he didn’t have it easy.

    1. the article never said that

    2. Delsin was pretty punk for me whilst Cole was in a city flipped upside down that he couldn’t escape with gangs and cults in every corner. Not to forget he, the police, medics and such were the only ones trying to fix the city like turning back on the power gird. Cole was hated when the lockdown was blamed on him whilst everyone in the city had to fight for survival. Cole’s story was compelling. 2nd son would have been more interesting as an escape story as in Delsin being locked up since he had a dormant conduit gene, have a mental breakdown and blow up the compound and not realise he did that then make it he was the new beast, have the DUP hunt him down. Hope SP drops the karma and choices aspect, making the games dry and dull, no need to play them twice to complete, should just give difficulty options or have the games difficulty dictate the ending,like Drakengard inFamous

  25. Blah Blah Blah for the game to be about “Grandma got concrete in her leg” They did pretty damn good and the paper trail shows.

    Get your head out your asses folks!

    1. it is his opinion

      1. True but for him to just say “Hurt the Franchise” because he doesn’t like the game? come on now

        1. I agree. A disgruntled gamer. It was an awesome game. It was the first time I have ever played infamous. This game was great. I even bought the dlc. Can not wait for the next game. Hope it comes out in 2016. I’ll buy it. Keep up the good work guys.

        2. Some people just expect the exact same game but they will be happy to complain that there is no innovation when the developer complies. Some people are just complainers lol

          1. Infamous feels like it went backwards from the building that was made in 1 and 2. Delsin was never flushed out and I feel like the concepts for things were back. Some of the teams main points were Seattle and how “close to the real city it was” “You can see the landmarks” and using how the UK was one of the most surveyed lands. Delsin seemed like a bad punk inspired character because of how SP handled him, not even that he is a bad one, the set pieces were extremely forced with no impact whilst many of them were already made in the previous games. Delsin should have had his powers interchangeable like dmc4 style wheel instead of needless constrains, he didn’t have any problems that could affect his game like Fetch did, I he had a mental issue he may have had an impact. 2nd son set a bad precedence for what 1 and 2 built, the story fell of for 2nd son with little impact and this is not because of how the other games were, SP’s focus was not right on this game. There are serious issues in 2nd son that simply copies the other games poorly.

  26. Definitely agree with you here, was underwhelmed by second son. It just wasn’t as fun or grand. I dont think it had to be dark, but at least give us a complex story or something as deep as the first two games did. The game was meh, good guy vs govt which is ran by someone who has some powers herself. Isnt that basically xmen vs stryker? It just wasn’t as good. Other than Fetch, I didn’t care for the characters unlike the original two, the beast, zeke, bertrand, kessler, agent kuo, john and a few more, the characters werent memorable. In terms of graphics gameplay smoothness incorporation of dualshock 4, its fantastic, but thats not what made the infamous 1 and 2 my favourite games on ps3 and one of my top 10 games of all time. The story development mixed with fantastic gameplay did that. However a redeeming fact is that it’s infamous second son and not infamous 3, so i am trying my hardest to separate it from the original games, its its own thing.

    Idk after i finished infamous 2 i was desperate for a third game in the franchise, with or without cole, after second son, im not so desperate. Im looking at the games alone, not their respective dlc’s, just the main games. But unlike you, whatever infamous game comes next, it’ll be a day 1 purchase again haha because of my love for the first two

    1. They need to go back to Cole and go with the true evil path which isn’t even evil just allowing people to live just like how he sacrificed people in the good path. Delsin seems like a dry and over emotional character whilst Fetch was far more interesting. The interactions were forced like Delsin’s brother falling which didin’t have the same sentiment as Trish dying in 1 for Cole. It might be the fact that Cole was a guy living whilst Delsin was messing around more or less or how sick Kessler was and the betrayal that surrounded Cole by those close to him.
      Cole was a massively an interesting and complex character that developed over two/three games whilst Delsin was hashed with concepts of Cole and I feel like SP banked on Troy Baker bringing people in as a lot of people will play simply for him.

  27. I liked Delsin, but I say they could have added mroe and made the map bigger since it did release on the PS4.

  28. I feel like the biggest improvement is the ability to traverse the landscape more easily, thats what having powers is all about. Thats the one thing i hated about infamous 1 was the fact that Im made of living electricity but I still have to climb up and down buildings like some parkour wannabe. It was such a relief when cole finally got the ice jump in infamous 2 and then they topped it with the electric whip. Finally you didnt have to waste your time climbing shit anymore.

  29. The characters are way better in second son, i was really annoyed whenever someone talked in the first 2. Plus id be pretty damn pissed if you put concrete in my grandma’s legs, with the ray sphere it was just a bunch of people who you didn’t know died, second son it’s your entire tribe who delsin knew actually

  30. Got this game on black friday. I liked it but it felt too short compared to the others. Also was hoping there would be more than just two maps. Hopefully a 4th installment is much better.

  31. What the hell is a megaman? Well I disagree. I played this one first. It was amazballs.

    1. Megaman as in the capcom character who defeats robot bosses then gets their power

  32. Completely disagree. The only thing I didn’t like about Second Son was if you had an evil playthough in Infamous 2 it is completely ignored, even worse than being ignored is that your choice didn’t matter because only good Cole existed (in spirit) in Second Son.
    Second Son was what actually turned my interest to the Infamous series. While I did hear about Second Son first (because I was too broke to even think about games when the first two were out) I played Infamous 1 and 2 first in my excitement for Second Son. I felt no disappointment for any of the games

    1. They announced way before they released it that hero would be the canon ending. I believe they actually used first playthrough of the majority of players to decide which ending was canon, though I could be wrong

      1. I hadn’t heard about them announcing before it came out but I did hear that they used the majority of players first playthroughs. I get why they did it,and personally I always go hero( I have a hard time playing through the evil route), but since they did two dramatically different endings the just screwed everyone who doesn’t believe in a heroic Cole.
        It’s just my thoughts though

  33. I thought Second Son was the best in the series so far.

  34. Prototype is WAY better than inFamous

  35. Do yourself a favour and play it on expert mode.

  36. The game was alright in my opinion, and I definitely liked the first two better. In Second Son, I felt like the “Bad” ending was unrealistic, and all the bad karma decisions to be made didn’t match with the character very well. He goes from a graffiti loving kid who hates bio-terrorists just like everyone else, to a soldier killing passionate conduit. Again, the game was okay, but at least with cole, both his good and bad sides were believable.

  37. I would love to see a Infamous game featuring Fetch again, her brother died she finally kill the one responsible for it. Why not continue with Fetch’s story in the events of Second son and move on wherever she and Delsin were gonna go after Augustine has been delt with and Fetch learns about Cole Macgrath the one who started it all and his story. I would like to see a New Antagonist that is super scary in a new Infamous game. Also Zeke Dunbar Survived and explains everything to Delsin and Fetch in a new City. That would be cool.

  38. I couldn’t disagree more. Second son is the reason I feel in love with the franchise and I thought the first two were fairly cheesy at best. I’d be far more invested in another deslin game before I’d care about a cole resurrection.

  39. I liked the game but there were plenty of things that could’ve been better about it. 1. Hero ending in 2 was canon right? After cole sacrificed himself like that the whole world still instantly hates all conduits. 2. At the end of 2 they do the question mark lightning bolt, I was hoping it would be atleast explained what that was about. 3. I hated how short the game is especially for ps4. I got platinum trophy in like 20 hours of play time. Not enough enemy variety. Every enemy other than bosses was a dup trooper, a random group of drug dealers, or cops if evil. Evil story felt like it didn’t fit delsin at all really. The biggest problem by far was the lack of karma moments like cole had “I can overcharge the thing and blow up the village incinerating innocents along with my enemies, or I can have a harder time but spare people”. There was like 5 in the whole game not including helping or hurting random people there was betray your people, or not. corrupt or redeem x2, kill or spare x2 and that’s all . I personally liked traveling faster (I kept hoping coles glide power would upgrade into some type of flight atleast late game) the first 2 were far better, but this was good game, and I hope they make another bringing cole back and possibly playing as cole and delsin. Also I think the reason his powers were like that was because he got them off other conduits so it’s like watered down versions of the original conduits powers

  40. I purchased this game, played about an hour and then sold it!! I just felt let down by the gameplay and story.
    First I must say, Delsin is definitely more fun and cooler than Cole. His smoke powers were very fun but i feel like the Sucker Punch didn’t fully utilize the elements of their own story. The story should’ve included more conduits for Delsin to interact with, whether to join him against the D.U.P. That could lead to fights with conduits not wanting to be involved. Then the player could choose to kill(then take their powers) or free the conduit, causing future conduits the player meets, to fear or want to be a friend. Maybe even freely let u have their power.
    Just some thoughts on how the game could’ve been better

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