With Doom being such a welcomed surprise for gamers in 2016, Doom Eternal had a lot riding on its shoulders. What fans may not have anticipated is that Doom Eternal subtly sets up a potential third installment to the series.

Several easter eggs, pieces of dialogue, and some background scenery hint at a bigger picture yet to be explored. Be warned, as this article features multiple spoilers from Doom Eternal’s campaign. With that said, here are all of the known clues pointing toward a Doom Eternal sequel.

The Doom Slayer’s Workshop

There are many things that can be said about Doomguy; he is mean, brooding, violent, but apparently also innovative. When journeying back to the Fortress of Doom, there are many unfinished projects lying around within the various chambers.

Most notably, there are two interesting unfinished projects that the Doomguy has been working on in between ripping and tearing. The first is a glaringly obvious giant mech suspended within the lower levels of the fortress. Upon first seeing this impressive beast of machinery, I originally believed it to be part of the game’s finale. Unfortunately, the mech is thus far merely decorative and played no role within the main story.

Secondly, Doomguy’s private quarters features a workbench with a brand new set of armour being constructed. Only the chest piece of the armour is completed, but could this be an upgraded version of the Praetor Suit? In Doom, there was a glitch that allowed players to customise the Praetor Armour to demonic proportions.

Doom Eternal VEGA

VEGA’s cryptic last words

The Cortana to your Master Chief, the Navi to your Link, VEGA helps Doomguy in navigating the hellscape around him. VEGA is ultimately sacrificed in order to override an Urdak computer to send Doomguy back to earth. During his final moments, VEGA does not refer to the Doom Slayer yet directly refers to Doctor Hayden. His last words are “I can… see now… am I The Father… Dr. Hayden?”

In Doom lore, an artifact known as the essence of The Father was stolen from the angel-like Maykrs. A being known as the Seraphim stole The Father and was also responsible for turning Doomguy into the Doom Slayer.

Doom (2016) Doctor Hayden

Doctor Hayden is not to be Trusted

After betraying the Doom Slayer in the previous game, the evil genius robot doctor is back in Doom Eternal. However, there seems to be more mystery than ever surrounding the good doctor as the series goes on.

Hayden is found battered and beaten beyond repair partway through the story without explanation. The Doom Slayer hooks Hayden up to the Fortress of Doom computer to pick his brains for the next objective. VEGA quickly makes a comment that Hayden shares a similar design to that of the space fortress itself. Even the scientists working under Hayden were unable to repair him due to his “alien” design.

After VEGA is fused to the Urdak computer, Hayden swiftly creeps in as the voice in the player’s head. Notions of someone rising up to lead the humans in a new age begin spewing from the Doctor’s synthetic lips. The implication being that the Doom Slayer will be the one to lead, however, I believe Hayden has something much more sinister planned.

Possibly the most mind-bending hint the game gives is that Hayden shares a voice actor with the Seraphim. While players do not get a good look at the Seraphim in the flashback, there is clearly a robotic figure lurking under those dark robes.

If the Seraphim and Hayden are one and the same, then that means Hayden created the Doom Slayer. The events from Doom and Doom Eternal could have been entirely orchestrated by one rather smooth-talking robot doctor.

Doom Eternal Khan Maykr

A Cry from a Mysterious Voice

During one of the game’s final boss fights the player must face off against the Khan Maykr herself. Following her bittersweet defeat, the Khan Maykr gives the Doom Slayer one final warning before expiring. After her core explodes into the air, the skies over Urdak turn crimson red as the Doom Slayer escapes.

As Doomguy goes to make his getaway, a single, harrowing cry emerges from the heavens. In a Darth Vader-esque moment a haunting “Nooo!” can be heard in the background. Unfortunately (or possibly fortunately) Doomguy does not stick around long enough to figure out where it came from.

Despite the seemingly closed ending with the demons all but gone and humanity rising again, the underlying clues point toward something else lurking in the background.

As King Novik says during Doom Eternal’s closing moments, “and you will be their savior. Your strength, their shield and your will, their sword. You remain, unbroken, for your fight is eternal.”

With all of these teases and cryptic messages, could id Software be hinting at a sequel in the works? To read OnlySP’s full review on Doom Eternal check out Mike’s thoughts here. Let us know what you like to see in a new Doom game in the comments below. 

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