Hong Kong Massacre

Fans of top-down shooters will be excited for Hong Kong Massacre, an upcoming indie game set in China.

Since first announcing the game in February 2014, the development team has been quiet for over two years, but have finally released more information about this dark, Max-Payne-like bloody shooter.

Hong Kong Massacre is being created by an independent, two-person studio called Vreski, based out of Sweden. The game was originally slated for PC (Linux, Mac, and Windows), but the platform list has been expanded to include the PlayStation 4. Although no release date is set yet, Vreski was at Paris Games Week with more information, bringing the game back to everyone’s attention.

Players will spend their time in Hong Kong Massacre hunting down the leader of a Japanese gang, by finding and killing different members of his organization to gain new clues. Based in modern-day Hong Kong, the game will let players choose how they want to proceed through the game.

“When you start the game, you have a map with different locations available. These act as levels and you can choose any order you want to visit them,” the developers wrote in a recent blog post.

While the extent of the main character’s powers is not known, he is able to slow down time. This ability is shown in the most recent trailer and is crucial for completing the game’s more difficult levels.

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