Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios have just re-revealed Homefront: The Revolution at Gamescom this morning via a new trailer and single player gameplay demo.

We’ll have the full single player gameplay trailer posted here as soon as it’s available.

The game is still coming in 2016, but you’ll be able to check out the game’s multiplayer beta later this Winter. Stay tuned for more details on Homefront: The Revolution as Gamescom continues on today and through out this week.

Nick Calandra
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  1. The trailer for this was unexpectedly good. I can’t wait to hear more about the game next year.

  2. There’s a new 7 (and a half) minutes long gameplay demo on IGN’s youtube channel. Just don’t read the comments, “people” are shitting all over it. :)

    1. Honestly it looks a little rough. The city, from that video, looks completely unpopulated which isn’t what the initial trailers showed and takes away a lot from the games’ setting and plot. Gunplay also looks like it needs to be tweaked a bit more, no recoil, and the animations were pretty shoddy.

      Not impressed with it so far. But, doesn’t come out until 2016 so there’s time for improvement.

      1. The game world is divided into three sections: the Yellow Zone, a heavily policed ghetto; the Green Zone, where the KPA have set up headquarters; and the Red Zone, a bombed-out war zone.

        We saw the ghetto/slum area in last year’s E3 demo (and a bit of the badlands at the end), and, so far, they only showed us more of the Red Zone in the new (and somewhat underwhelming) demo. :|

      2. Deep Silver released the full demo, it looks much better! :)

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