It looks like we’ll finally get the first news on the sequel to Homefront this upcoming week.

According to Shinobi602, who has been very reliable in a number of leaks including the Halo 5: Guardians name and embargo, Battlefield: Hardline and other big leaks, Crytek will announce the sequel to Homefront this coming Monday along with another “surprise” title which is most likely a new F2P title as noted by Superannuation, our other trusted source.



Shinobi added that from what he’s been told, the sequel to Homefront is a huge improvement over the first game, but did not delve into any further detail at this time, most likely out of respect for the source providing him with the information. Some very, and we mean very early footage for Homefront 2 leaked a long while back, which didn’t show much, but did indicate that the game was in development.    

Arguably, the best piece of news to come out of this is that the game will be on the current generation consoles only, so no more cross-gen stuff. The game, according to Shinobi will be at E3, but won’t be featured in any of the press conferences. The publisher, at this time, is still currently unknown.


So, Shinobi602 has been very reliable with leaks as of late so you can probably assume there will be a reveal on Monday regarding the sequel to Homefront. What are your hopes for the sequel and do you think this will be just another graphical showcase from Crytek, or something special in the FPS department? The original game had a lot of potential to be good, but didn’t exactly meet its mark, so hopefully the next Homefront will be the game you’ve been asking for.

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  1. Omg, I can’t wait, loved the first one.

    1. The story was great.

      1. The only interesting character was the Korean American guy. Everyone else was just there to open doors.

  2. ill say it again.

    Dear crytek you have a huge opportunity here, you can make a singleplayer like crysis 1, big open world nonlinear with vehicles and a mp like battlefield.

    Please PLEASE PLEASE dont make a cod ripoff.

    We got cod we dont need another cod nor on sp or mp.

  3. This is just another FU to another development team by this guy if this is true. No one wants the game they’ve been working on for years to get leaked especially right before they reveal it and 2 weeks before E3 where they would have a full gameplay trailer. For the people who don’t know why I’m pissed think about this way say you and your BF/GF are expecting a child and a party is coming up that your friends and family will be attending its the perfect time to let everyone but someone told all everyone already ruin the surprise and you didn’t even get to enjoy the excitement with those people. That how developers fell when there games get leaked

    1. Dennis, he is not going to leak the info himself you dumb shit. He is stating that Crytek is going to reveal Homefront 2 on Monday. Do you think these insiders get this info and leak it by accident? It is all part of the marketing game and it is a fun game.

      1. Oh man my own personal troll fantastic and it seem like you don’t get it at all by him tell us that Homefront information is coming out tomorrow kills the surprise factor

    2. All he said publicly is that the game is being revealed Monday. Other than that he didn’t leak anything else. Actually, kinda generate hype for the announcement when you think about it because people get interested and want to know more. Some developers don’t like it, if you’re going off Frank O’Connor’s statement from a week or two ago, but nothing major was leaked here other than the there’s a possible ;) announcement Monday.

      1. Yea he didn’t leak information on the game but he took the surprise factor away developer want to see that reaction when that information hits the web not when a insider leaks out when its going to happen that like someone is having a surprise party for you but you know it that surprise feeling is pretty much dead

        1. Most people won’t see it anyways haha. If it was a site like IGN it might be a bigger issue, but we obviously don’t get tens of thousands of visits every day :P

  4. The gameplay in Homefront’s multiplayer was fun and addictive. There’s no need to stray too far from it and do a C.O.D clone.

    Bring it on, Crytek!

  5. I thought Homefront was only OK, a 6 or 7 out of 10 at best. The story was interesting but nothing mind blowing and the shooting felt rather poor at times. Hopefully the sequel tries something new and taps back into the whole “Red Dawn” theme once again.

  6. open world? or cod like campaign?

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