Agent 47 has two new targets to neutralize in today’s launch trailer and release of HITMAN’s Summer Bonus Episode.

The launch trailer, which you can view below, gives a preview of 47’s first visits on behalf of the ICA to Sapienza and Marrakesh. Both missions are separate from the main HITMAN story arc.

Sapienza’s “The Icon” mission sets players to go wild on a film set, where all sorts of “accidents” are just waiting to happen with all the equipment and set-pieces laying around. The Marrakesh mission entitled “A House Built on Sand,” meanwhile, tasks players with preventing a billion dollar deal from taking place in the busy city streets.

The two missions will be available first to players who own the Full Experience or own the combination of Intro Pack + Upgrade Pack. All other players will, later in the season, be able to purchase the Episode, complete with a third and final mission that has yet to be detailed. Players with the Full Experience or the combination of Intro Pack + Upgrade Pack will be able to download the third mission at that later time as well.

HITMAN is now available on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Cedric Lansangan

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