Despite Square-Enix’s recent decision to end its affiliation with IO Interactive, the developer is reportedly pushing ahead with a second season to the episodic Hitman series.

According to Gamestar.de, the developer has retained the rights to the series and is already halfway through development on the next set of episodes, targeting a release in 2018. Despite these good fortunes, the studio remains in an unsettled position, with no investors yet found to ensure its continued existence. In either case, Gamestar.de has said that IO Interactive will comment on recent events, and the future of the studio, next week.

As the rights to any given property usually reside with the publisher (that being the reason Halo is now under the custodianship of 343 Industries rather than Bungie), IO’s retention of Hitman is an unexpected boon for the developer, and should help ensure the company is able to find a new backer, considering the legacy and reputation of the series.

Although Gamestar.de claims that the information comes from a reliable source, the news should, nevertheless, be taken with a grain of salt until an official update is received.

Square-Enix issued a statement earlier this week saying that it has severed ties with IO Interactive in order to better “focus . . . resources and energies on key franchises and studios.”

One of those key franchises may be Eidos Montreal’s Thief, which is reported to have a new entry in the works to coincide with a movie adaptation.

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Damien Lawardorn
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