Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has signed a deal to become the new publishing partner of IO Interactive after the Danish team gained independence from Square Enix last year.

The only HITMAN game that Warner Bros. is announced to be publishing at this time is HITMAN: Definitive Edition, which is set to release May 15 in North America and May 18 in Europe. The package will feature PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X support. The HITMAN™: Definitive Edition will come bundled with

  • IO Interactive’s 20th Anniversary Outfit Bundle – Three new outfits inspired by Freedom Fighters, Kane & Lynch, and Mini Ninjas
  • HITMAN Season One – Seven exotic locations from the first season, including Paris, Sapienza, Marrakesh, Bangkok, Colorado and Hokkaido, along with the ICA Facility
  • HITMAN Game of the Year Edition Content – Four missions from the ‘Patient Zero Campaign’, three themed Escalation Contracts that unlock three unique weapons, as well as the Clown Suit, Cowboy Suit and Raven Suit from the recent Game of the Year digital release
  • HITMAN ‘Summer Bonus Episode’ – Featuring ICA bonus missions in Sapienza and Marrakesh
  • HITMAN: Blood Money Requiem Pack – Including the Requiem Suit, Pale Duck Explosive and ICA Chrome Pistol
  • All featured Contracts, Escalation Contracts, Challenge Packs and game updates from HITMAN™ Season One and the HITMAN™ Game of the Year Edition

Speaking about the new partnership, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment President, David Haddad, said, “We’re very excited to be working with IO Interactive, a talented studio with a long-standing legacy creating the iconic HITMAN games.”

Hakan Abrak, CEO of IO Interactive, also commented on the agreement: “Working with a partner like WBIE means that the team at IOI can stay focused on what we’re good at, making games.”

The publisher has also confirmed that not all of the add-ons are included on the disc; depending on the platform, users will have to download between 12 and 24GB of additional content.

At present, Warner Bros. is only confirmed to be publishing the Definitive Edition and not the next game being developed in the franchise, which was announced late last year.

Square Enix parted ways with IO Interactive to better focus on other key franchise and internal studios. The rights to HITMAN were left with IO as stated by, Yosuke Matsuda, the Representative Director of Square Enix “It’s because I believe it wouldn’t be HITMAN unless it was HITMAN made by IO.”

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