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Surprising almost no one, Hideo Kojima has confirmed that Kojima Productions’ first game with Sony will be a triple-A game in the action genre.

In an interview with Japanese publication Weekly Famitsu (translated on Gematsu here), Kojima also explained why the newly-independent Kojima Productions was happy to work with Sony, saying that he wanted a lot of creative freedom for their first project.

“Offers came in from all over the world, but these places use a Hollywood system,” he said, “and I don’t like doing detailed presentations.” Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) was willing to put their faith in Kojima Productions with only a rough concept of what their new game would be.

Much like previous games in the Metal Gear Solid series, his team is approaching plot, characters and game mechanics all at once. However, as a brand new concept, his team is experimenting a lot more than they could with a well-established franchise. Despite the clean break from MGS, fans of mecha won’t need to fret as the famed artist on that series, Yoji Shinkawa, has been brought on to create new mech designs.

Of the game’s genre and quality, Kojima said that “users who enjoy today’s AAA games (The Division and Uncharted, etc.) will be able to easily enjoy [their new title].” At the same time, he made clear that it is not necessarily an open-world game like The Phantom Pain.

Open-world or not, the new game was always going to be highly anticipated, and the team’s type of game fits very well with Sony’s first party output on PS4 (Until Dawn, Bloodborne, Uncharted 4). Hopefully for readers of OnlySP, the focus on single player action will reduce the importance of online play elements that nearly ruined The Phantom Pain in post-release patches.

There is no news yet on whether Kojima’s new project will continue the story-light trend of recent Metal Gear Solids, but with Sony’s easy-going approach to its partners, the team at Kojima Productions will likely have a lot of freedom either way.

Mitchell Ryan Akhurst
Hailing from outback New South Wales, Australia, Mitchell can prattle on about science fiction shooters and tactics-RPGs until the cows come home, but he loves to critique any game in entertaining and informative fashion. He also bears a passion for the real-life stories that emerge out of game development

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