Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima has explained his approach to developing innovative new games, including the recently launched Death Stranding.

During an interview with PlayStation Access, Kojima spoke about the challenges of creating something fresh: “Even with Metal Gear, I was always concentrating on coming up with something fresh for people to play.”

Kojima explains his approach to game design is always the same and revolves around showing a new system of gameplay.

Kojima also acknowledged the mixed response to the game’s release. Likening the divisive experience to Kojima’s first stealth game, Metal Gear, the creator hopes that the positive support by fans will spread.

Kojima hopes that “in five years or ten years people will look back at Death Stranding as a new standard.” Once the vision of a new standard is realised, he will move on to try and create something new.

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    1. I get my copy Monday and I can’t wait to play it, but I’m a weird gamer and I’ve always liked weird ass games. I knew the game was going to be pretty divisive, and there are people who are ALWAYS going to hate this thing no matter how much time passes.

      Even if I’m sour on it, there’s no doubt there’s going to be a community who kind of rally around this thing and look back on it as one of their favorite games.

    2. It’s really sad when something embarrassing and shameful becomes accepted and even praised simply because of the name attached to it. It’s even more sad when I think what actually amazing games other truly talented people across the industry would have made with the kind of unique carte blanche that Kojima enjoyed. What he did with the opportunity is nothing short of criminal.

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