The Devs of the adventure title “Kentucky Route Zero” have announced they are nearing completion with Act IV.

Carboard Computer have taken a page from Telltale Games’ book, and created a game that comes in acts in order to create a sense of an ever-expanding story. Their adventure, titled Kentucky Route Zero, already has 3 acts, all of which have been well-received, and they announced on their Twitter that they are nearing the end of Act IV.

The game received many awards, ranging from “Best Music” to “Game Of The Year”. The game is a visually-simplistic storybook with the extra benefit of adventure.



If you decide to wait and get all the acts at once, then you may have to wait some time as the Devs have been tight-lipped about how many acts they plan to release and how often. However, you can play the first 3 acts on Steam or from Cardboard Computers website.

If you are unsure about the game, check out the trailer to see if it sways you.

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