I think the naysayers about the graphics in Watch Dogs will be eating their words in the next few hours.

We’ve come across a few more short clips from Watch Dogs today which show off some off the advanced graphical effects the game has to offer. In one of the videos, you’ll see the weather effects in action with the trees blowing in the wind and even the water fountains being affected by the direction of the wind.

In another set of videos, you’ll see a graphical effect that has been implemented in the game that actually lets you see the interior of buildings that you cannot enter. This is done by a feature called Interior Mapping. One of you technical buffs can probably explain what that does a whole lot better than me, so feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments on these latest clips.

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Nick Calandra
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  1. The interior were most likely achieved by actually creating some of the interior geometry and making the glass transparent. If it isn’t that, then they built the interiors and created a projection texture from it (basically just took a big render and made it a texture), and then did some stupidly complicated shader black magic to make it realistically follow the camera’s viewing angle properly.

  2. Once I was a naysayer, now I’m a believer! Faith in next-gen consoles restored. ;)

    Seriously though, after seeing those gifs months ago I was really worried, but the last 2 weeks of leaked footage proved me that the game looks amazing and polished. Also, Jordi Chin is already on my top 50 videogames characters. :D

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