Long before they took the helm of the Devil May Cry reimagining, Ninja Theory created one of the first Playstation 3 exclusives in Heavenly Sword with the intention of creating a trilogy. Failure of the game to match up to their sales expectations saw them abandon this plan in favour of creating Enslaved: Odyssey To The West, but there was a time that Sony’s internal Cambridge studio continued to crank away at a sequel. Though that too has long since been cast aside, the folks at Siliconera have managed to dig up some of the concept art and story ideas for the project.

Although Heavenly Sword wrapped its story arc up quite well, the second one was to revolve around a “vain and evil” enemy called the Ravens, led by the Raven King, the mere mention of which should drag up memories. The King was to adhere to a samurai motif, while the squad members had armour more reminiscent of an insect. These ideas are shown below:


There are a few other pieces of concept art that evoke a very similar sense to that which was found in the original game, including a desert caravan and protagonist Nariko once again wielding the Heavenly Sword with reckless abandon.

Perhaps the most intriguing piece of artwork of all is the last one. It’s Nariko, alright, but the picture is haunting and it truly makes one wonder what it might have signified:

 It really does make you wish that a team was still working away on the game, doesn’t it?

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  1. yeah ninja theory are excellent talentted guys their games are awesome.

  2. yeah ninja theory are excellent talentted guys their games are awesome.

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