The Island of Doctor Moreau-inspired adventure game, Heathen, has received its first update in 18 months.

The development team at Frog Factory took to Twitter to reveal that the project’s currently undated Early Access release will be available in English and French, with additional languages, including German and Russian, to be made available later.

Heathen was first announced in 2015 and acts as a sequel to H. G. Wells’s classic novel, casting players as one of the human-animal hybrids tasked with surviving on the hostile island. Gameplay-wise, the project concerns itself with action and exploration elements, with the aesthetic dipping into steampunk.

By allowing players to assume the role of the half-man, half-beast entities that Doctor Moreau invented, Heathen appears not to only add to the titanic influence of The Island of Doctor Moreau, but to offer a new approach to the novel’s legacy.

Previously, the developer has announced that the title will be episodic, consisting of at least three parts. The title will be released on PC with no confirmed release date. A silence of 18 months, however, is rarely a good thing in game development, but, hopefully, Frog Factory is making progress.

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Damien Lawardorn
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