Hearthstone Tombs of Terror

Hearthstone’s new solo game mode, Tombs of Terror, launches later this month, and will serve as a direct sequel to The Dalaran Heist.

As a new mode within the ‘Saviors of Uldum’ expansion, Tombs of Terror will feature the League of Explorers as they adventure through the ruins and cities of Uldum.

Dual-class heroes is a brand new feature within Tombs of Terror, allowing players to combine skills from different classes for the first time. For example, Elise Starseeker can combine the abilities of a Priest and Druid, Brann Bronzebeard is both a Warrior and Hunter, Reno Jackson the Relicologist is Rogue and Mage, and Sir Finley Mrrgglton of the Sands is a murloc who combines both Paladin and Shaman.

In a press release, Blizzard Entertainment’s president J. Allen Brack hailed the new game mode, believing it offers significant replay value:

“We’ve always carried a torch for the classic dungeon crawl and with Tombs of Terror, we set out to create our deepest and most replayable solo adventure yet[…]With so many new deck building options to unlock for the dual-class heroes and all of the signature treasures to acquire, we hope players love exploring the Tombs of Terror again and again.”

Hearthstone‘s game designer, Ryan Collins, describes the mode’s format, informing players on some of the challenges that await them:

“Tombs of Terror will follow the format of previous build-as-you-go adventures. You’ll be fighting a series of random encounters, and improving your deck as you go, with more cards and fantastical treasures.”

The game mode will also feature a new boss type called Plague Lords. Collins describes how players will encounter these bosses, indicating that each battle will change as the fight progresses.

“Plague Lords are the physical embodiment of the plagues. They range from a monster made entirely of Murlocs, to a living form of rage itself. These are huge enemy attacks with enormous health pools. As they take damage, the Plague Lord will change phases, switching hero powers and strategies to become even deadlier.”

The first chapter of Tombs of Terror, The Lost City of The Tol’vir, will be available for free on September 17, 2019.

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