Harold Halibut, the upcoming subtarrenean narrative-adventure game by Curve Digital, will release in 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The project boasts a unique art style wherein everything is hand-made, with developer Slow Bros. saying that “almost every object [players] see in the game exists in real life,” leading to a title that looks completely idiosyncratic.

Gameplay-wise, the BioShock-esque adventure will primarily serve as a point-and-click, demanding players to explore and investigate the gorgeously unique claymation world.

The setting takes place on a crashed spaceship that is marooned on a marine-world. Players will assume the role of Harold, the ship’s resident janitor, as he attempts to help a scientist with her plan to attempt a re-launch.

Confirmation of Harold Halibut‘s release date came directly from the publisher’s Twitter page, along with some fresh screenshots:

Be sure to revisit the project’s trailer before its release next year.

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Ben Newman

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