Following their successful Kickstarter campaign for Shadowrun: Hong Kong, developer Harebrained Schemes has announced a new Kickstarter, launching this fall, for a game called Battletech.

The BattleTech series was created by Jordan Weisman in the 1980s, and this crowdfunded game is set to follow in its footsteps as a tactical mech combat game for the PC. BattleTech will feature an open-ended structure for its single player campaign mixing RPG mechanics and MechWarrior style management systems with turn-based strategy.

This project is being brought to Kickstarter due to the previous success of Harebrained Schemes with a similar plan, with the board game Golem Arcana and Shadowrun Returns, the latter of which was one of the first games to surpass one million dollars funded on Kickstarter.

Harebrained Schemes is letting people support the game early and get exclusive collectibles for BattleTech at GenCon, currently going on from July 30 to August 1.

The PC targeted tactical RPG mech game BattleTech is slated for a Kickstarter launch this fall.

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  1. Another Harebrained game? Yes please.

  2. with shadowrun doing great and battletech following I can only expect the next tabletop created by weisman to be converted to pc to be crimson skies, hell yeah!

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