Hello everyone,

I’ve been so busy this week (it’s only Tuesday btw) that I managed to totally overlook the fact that YESTERDAY was OnlySP’s fourth birthday, which means we’ve officially entered into our fifth year of publication. It’s crazy to think that I and a few others started this site all the way back in 2012 already. I was 16 when we got this site up and running and I’ll be turning 21 in just a few short weeks. We’ve achieved quite a bit since then, and I expect we will achieve much more over the next few years.

We’ve really started to carve a niche out for ourselves in terms of the content we produce. Other gaming news outlets publish a lot of similar work, but I don’t really think most have put a majority of their focus on producing long-form journalistic content like we have. That’s not to say other sites don’t have unique and interesting content, but I honestly think our content is a step above most other sites out there, even big name websites. I’m incredibly proud of our writers and the content they’ve produced over the past year.

Working on OnlySP with everyone has done so much for me over the years, and with each passing year I grow more and more excited for the future of the site. We’re currently getting ready to start our E3 preparations and I’m super excited to be going myself this year, along with one of my fraternity brothers and other members of the site.

However, we wouldn’t have gotten to where we are now without your help, so from all of us here at OnlySP…Thank You. Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing our content. Your feedback, and positive attitude towards us is a big help towards keeping OnlySP running strong. It’s so, SO refreshing to see a gaming outlet, even if it’s ours, devoid of negative gaming discussion and trolls. We’re still working on improving our social media game, but even there, you’ve all been kind and supportive of us and each other. That’s honestly one of my proudest accomplishments here on the site.

Building a community that isn’t toxic and one that you want to be a part of, even if we are still relatively small. So pat yourselves on the back, you’re helping to build a beacon in the horizon for gamers looking to take part in a positive atmosphere.

We’ll be having another site meeting here at the end of the week and outlining our plans for the upcoming month. Reid will follow-up with that and his review score discussion in the next edition of his Editor’s Address. To those of you helping to provide feedback on that front, we really appreciate it.

Personal Note from Nick

Boy have I been busy over the last couple weeks. I’m in my second semester of my junior year of college already and this is easily the busiest I’ve ever my life. We don’t talk about our personal lives all that much on here, but you’ve probably noticed I’ve been a little absent in terms of posting lately. Well…

I’m currently finishing up midterms this week which has taken quite a bit chunk of my time, as it’s imperative that I maintain my GPA this semester. As most of you know, I switched majors this past year from Business Management to Multimedia Journalism so I’ve been playing a bit of catch-up with my classes as I lost some credit hours in the switch. Then, I decided to to also pick up a minor in Public Relations, so now I’m studying that right alongside media design, literacy and my magazine practicum class I’m currently enrolled in.

Last week, I spent the majority of my week working on a research paper and my first ever feature story which will be published in our a school’s magazine which releases once a semester here on campus. I’ve never really been super confident in my ability to write feature stories for some reason, most likely just because I’ve never found the time to sit down and actually do one. I sat down for my first live interview with a subject, transcribed the whole thing and wrote up a feature that I’m rather proud of and am excited to get it in my editor’s hands.

In addition to all of that, I’ve been elected as our new member educator for my fraternity on campus, and just yesterday I was elected as our Vice President. So, as you can see, I’m rather busy. BUT, once midterms are over I’ll be back posting on a regular basis. Thanks for sticking with us for all these years and if you have any questions, comments or feedback about the site, do leave it below!


– Nick Calandra

Site Owner

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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