As you probably know, last night Shinobi602 leaked the Halo 5: Guardians announcement that occurred this morning. Now he’s weighed in on the Halo: Master Chief Collection that Engadget reported on a few hours ago.

According to Shinobi, the rumor is indeed true and we can expect to see it at Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference.

Talking to Shinobi directly, he tells us that, and this is just speculation on his part that, “Realistically at least they’re all 1080p so they’ll look sharper. ”

Currently the collection is rumored to include all four of the numbered Halo games, but Halo: Reach and ODST will not be included. It’s also unclear what the games will include on the multiplayer side of things. Maybe Halo 2’s multiplayer will get a full remake, maybe 3 as well which would be very exciting to see. We won’t bother contacting Micrsoft to confirm whether or not this rumor is indeed true as you all know the response we’d get.

We’ll keep following this story as more details develop so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get instant updates the moment we post a story.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. showing us once again why the microsoft combo (PC and XBOX) are the best

    1. Uh, no? With all due respect, don’t be delusional. Microsoft are doing all those 180s for a reason. XB1 is not a bad console, but as of now PS4 is the better choice. :0

      1. hahahaha a pauper trying to convince me PC and XBOX are not as good as the shitty poverty box lol hilarious

        1. Obvious troll is obvious. ;)

          Also, as far as I know, Microsoft didn’t do sh*t for the PC gaming in years. I hope that changes, though. :)

          1. SOE Division gives more to the PC than Microsoft does currently.

            H1Z1? Everquest Landmark and Next? Planetside 2? Helped publish Payday: The Heist, Dc Universe Online?

            Then we got a Lot of PS4/PC exclusives coming in beyond other MMO’s or games like Warframe and indie developers who’re siding with PS4/PC and giving the X1 the Wii U treatment.

            The only thing Microsoft does for PC gaming is make the Windows OS, ontop of rehashing and particularly ruining the nostalgia and greatness that was in Age of Mythology and Age of Empires 2 with the HD remakes, rehash Halo: Spartan Assault which was a Phone game more or less……annnnd that’s all they’ve done as of recent. Bluntly.

          2. Exactly! :)

          3. i bet you shed a tear everytime you launch your windows OS you bitch boy pauper

          4. SOE gives more mediocre games, yes.
            I don’t know how you people eat those games up.

            Everquest Next? Please… That game is going to get smoked by WoW like all other MMOs.

            H1Z1? Please…Day Z is in a better state (Sadly…) and Undead Labs have proven themselves, they’ll probably make a WAY LESS clunky Zombie MMO. The core coding in H1Z1 is awful.

            Planetside 2? Please…P2W FPS games aren’t what I want to play, and before you feed me any BS about it NOT being P2W… It’s got everything it takes to be a solid F2P games. But the game doesn’t allow a player to unlock stuff at a fair rate with the free option, it’s been shit since beta was opened. And it hasn’t changed.

            If you really give a shit about the best F2P games and indies…Get a fucking PC, don’t even think of getting PS4/PC.

            PS4/PC is if you want a dumb amount of indies on BOTH platforms and like to play some Uncharted/Infamous on the side.

            Xbox/PC is for the people who have the good Indies on their PC and the nice AAA games THEY want to play on their Xbox. Since Halo 2 is still a pretty big thing on PC.

          5. DayZ is in a better state? LOL HAHAHAHA. Rich! Absolutely rich. Shambling shaky speedy-running-glitchy zombies with piss-poor animations and a 50:50 hitbox where survival is who has the most ammo and who sprays bullets at your ass rather than who spots you first and has better skill and aim? The game where shooting zombies feels hollow and it’s been that way since DayZ as a Mod from, like? what? 2010? They finally go retail and milk more money from Early Access and you say DayZ is in a better state? and talk like you ‘KNOW’ the coding at the core? I ain’t a fanboy to either since I merely just BROUGHT UP the names but you talking like you know ‘that’ much inside the games development is extremely laughable, especially if you aren’t a game developer yourself.

            ‘Please~…’ M’lady~

            I have a PC, and I have a PS4. I don’t get what conclusion hopping you’re doing by me SIMPLY bringing up “This software lineup is what SOE did, this is what Microsoft did” has literally left you ranting like a potentially opinionated fanboy on telling me why every game I mentioned sucks in your opinion and how me bringing it up makes me some kind of disgusting monster delinquent for just ‘NAMING’ them.

            Then you go into a rant about how your opinion is more than just opinion and that you talk of wisdom and experience with no concrete evidence ontop of it.

            PS4 and Xbox barely have any games but for you to go and say people who go Xbox/PC are who want ‘The nice AAA games’ whilst PS-brand is for the ‘if you want a dumb amount of indies and ‘some exclusives’? I hope that when you say such things, that it is ONLY for the ‘Now’, the present day of what games are available on the systems and that what you say is not a ‘Now and forever speech’.

            I have a PC, it’s where I play majority games, it’s just with PS4 is where I like to play the exclusives that aren’t PC or that just ‘feel better’ on a controller and I wish to support the devs.

          6. An Ms gives PC windows, for without SOE’s contributions would be lost. Apples and oranges.

        2. Please go away, Guy Brohski.

          How about some more guest votes to damage control the fact the Xbone has no games?

          1. Uh, right now neither does the PS4 or Xbox. Just saying. It’ll all come in due time, no need to argue over silly things like this people. Comments will be closed if you continue to create stupid fanboy arguments, that is NOT what we are about here at OnlySP, so take it somewhere else or learn how to have a sensible discussion.

          2. please ban him from the site.. he is a known troll user who goes around writing such trollish stuff to attack people :( no intelligent conversation can be had with it.. ban away

          3. How ironic that you’d say something like that when we can look at your Past Posts and see immense levels of hypocrisy.

            “he is a known troll user who goes around writing such trollish stuff to attack people”

            LOLUZZLZ: “hahahaha a pauper trying to convince me PC and XBOX are not as good as the shitty poverty box lol hilarious”

            LOLUZZLZ: “dirty pauper awards equal nothing.. dont spread your pauper disease here”

            What are you, Dakan?

          4. those are just facts so i dont see how your proving him to be what the actual troll is..

          5. Oh hey look. Another Alternate account. Totally not suspicious at all.

            Wonder who owns all of them or a good handful. Just as LOLUZZLZ is just another alt.

            Also, look up a dictionary on what fact means please. You embarrass yourself by using the word so casually.

          6. Ban this”flat out wrong” he gives us sony fans a bad name.ive seen his username rant on almost every known website

          7. He’s a typical pauper that chooses $0N¥ products that will fail sooner or later. That company is going the way of the dodo fast with another massive projected loss for this year.

          8. Is there a reason why you are talking to yourself?

          9. Well, normally I would but he doesn’t post comments like that all the time here at OnlySP. Just when it comes to articles that involve Xbox. But he is on his last legs here.

          10. nah let him stay.. his gives those sony paupers a good image..a image we all know when we hear the words sony

          11. Sure. Both consoles have pretty thin lineups right now. The likes of Loluzzlz, GamersComboPC/XBOX and PS4isthebest (all of whom are likely the same person) who instigate this sort of base trolling don’t help either.

          12. Bahahaha… see how delusional the sonyfanboy is, how his ‘reality’ is flipped completely upside down :)

      2. Bahahahaah… the failstation4 has NO GAMES.
        Xbox Won has all the games!!!

        1. I’m sure Nick Calendra will address this chap in no time, correct?

    2. Seven guest votes. Of course.

  2. But will the graphics be something like what Combat Evolved anniversary offered us? Completely redone textures, the ability to go back and forth between visuals? And will we get the multiplayer for the latest title, all of them, or just the best one (halo 2, or 3)? And most of all, price, is it reasonable? Anniversary was reasonable, I assume this would be as well. If the textures are redone, the coop is tweaked, and we have the classic Halo multiplayer this is going to be great, just keep that Halo 4 crap away from the multiplayer. But if you can, bring back invasion mode from Reach. Awesome gametype.

    1. Agreed with Invasion mode, that was over-looked and under-utilized. But I feel that Halo3 multiplayer, whilst good in the day, will not sit well with the way FPS games have evolved over the years(it’s been left behind with more innovation). I found Halo4s multiplayer to be the best multiplayer so far, I know that doesn’t sit well with people that spent so much time on Halo2&3 multiplayer. But in terms of choice and strategy… Halo4 gave so much more to the player.

      1. If you think 4 was the best, you’re brain dead. It was the worst, and the numbers proved it. They didn’t innovate shit so it’s time to go back to the basics, Halo 3, the last truly great Halo game, with ODST/Reach being good, just not as good.

        1. Halo 3 is my personal favourite FPS ever. Whilst I played 2, I was on really awful internet so i couldnt play online and hated the “duke” controller which hampered the single player experience, I did however play the multiplayer a few times at friends houses and while I enjoyed it I never really had the chance to build experience and memories that others have. Therefore Halo 3s multiplayer was the first time I ever had a true Halo online experience and lived it. That’s why I was so dissapointed when Halo 4 was basically call of duty with Spartans and immediately went back to 3.

          1. Halo 3 was good stuff. It was nice to see that you can in fact ad things without killing the core gameplay. I’m always willing to try new stuff in the series, I’m going to get Halo 5, but I will not bend over and call a game like Halo 4 “good” like other morons around the reviewing community would. Nobody gives two shits about plot holes, and gameplay. It’s all flashy nonsense and sex appeal, substance doesn’t matter anymore.

        2. Was was innovative in the story department, but not the multiplayer. Story was great, albeit a bit too short and un-Halo like if you know what I mean.

  3. “I don’t want ports on my underpowered cable box!”

    “Oh wow! Ports! Thank you Phil Sphincter!”

    This had better not be your Q4 system seller, Xbots.

  4. The Halo franchise are the only games that made me game on consoles. If it wasnt for Halo ill be a pure PC gamer.

  5. The thing I feel people are overlooking is how exactly is multiplayer going to be handled? Sure we get Halo1/2/3/4 as separate campaigns, but it makes no sense to seperate out the multiplayers into separate servers. Would this mean we have one multiplayer lobby with all maps from all games? Will they seperate out the games into lists? Or pile all maps into the separate game types(slayer/capture the flag/zombie… etc)? It’s going to be interesting.
    Also… if this is on Xbox Won, will the multiplayer segment be the Halo5 code(would be a good way of testing ready for Halo5)?
    Also, will the Xbox360 get anything?

    Gonna be interesting to find out.

    1. Spencer said before if there is a halo 2a it’s mp will remain intact

    2. I’m expecting a “classic” and “reclaimer” option to pick when one goes onto multiplayer, possibly on a separate disc to the campaigns. The classic mode would have Halo 1/2/3 style with demotions, no loadouts, no armour abilities and no ordinance drops, Reclaimer would have Halo 4 style MP with all of those features and sprinting. Both should contain classic and new game types and EVERY map from all 4 games.

  6. To mod

    Not sure how the webs missed this but this is not new info, it has been around since january
    “The source claims that Halo 2 Anniversary is in the works for Xbox One and will be released on November 11 this year in two special editions. The first will be a standard Collector’s Edition that comes with beta access to Halo 5 and a Halo TV series (not the one rumoured to be directed by Neill Blomkamp). The second is a War Collection, which supposedly comes with everything from the Collector’s Edition as well as Xbox One ports of Halo 3 and Halo 4.”


    1. Totally missed that article :) BUT, it seems the name has changed which we had a source confirm to us, so still worthy of a story. Also, the collection apparently includes the first game as well, so just a little few new details in this article.

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