Rewind to E3 2018: A huge crowd of eager fans, media, and press packed into the Microsoft Theater, waiting with bated breath to see what Xbox was bringing to the table this year. The first trailer of E3 opens up in a drenched cavern with the words “Game Engine Demonstration” displayed along the bottom. We explore several biomes and see different types of wildlife. Nobody seems to know what this trailer is. “A new IP, perhaps? A small squad of soldiers? This looks vaguely famili—” An auditorium of a few thousand people erupts into hysterics. That iconic helmet pulls into focus and the music makes a sharp turn to an old classic. Halo Infinite, Microsoft’s latest reveal, had arguably become the biggest announcement of E3.

Halo has had a rocky generation but found a way to salvage goodwill towards the end with The Master Chief Collection. Halo 4 released to skepticism under the direction of a new studio. The Master Chief Collection botched ambitious promises out of the gate, only to recover fan sentiment much later in the generation with its PC release. Rounding things out, Halo 5: Guardians took Chief out of the spotlight, and, subsequently, traditional co-op as well. Interestingly enough, it feels as if Halo and the Xbox One mirrored each other this generation with regard to its triumphs and tribulations. When one struggled, so did the other, and as one improves, the other now finds its footing.

Halo Infinite

By offering Halo Infinite as a day one launch title, Xbox is putting a lot of faith into this entry. Xbox needs the Series X to deliver in a huge way to be able to keep up with Sony this generation. By offering its flagship series on day one, Xbox is seemingly banking on Halo Infinite to be big enough to carry an entire platform on its back. This choice resembles the launch of Halo: Combat Evolved for the original Xbox nearly 20 years ago and the weight it carried for that consoles success.

By harnessing the power of our new Slipspace Engine and combining it with the power and promise of Project Scarlett, we plan to build the Halo game we’ve always dreamed of.

343 Industries’ new SlipSpace engine may just aid the developer in finding success with this franchise again. Chris Lee, Halo Infinite’s studio head, pointed out that the SlipSpace engine was designed to allow creative and technical teams to work together quickly and seamlessly with the most powerful tools available to them. On the Series X, Halo Infinite will undoubtedly be a graphical powerhouse and, potentially, a narrative marvel. 343 Industries is plunging players into a fresh and mysterious narrative that will enthrall existing fans while offering new admirers a welcoming point of entry.

Despite the weaker entries in the series, Halo is still able to capture the heart and soul of not only Halo fans, but seemingly the gaming industry as a whole. It seems almost no matter who you talk to, everybody seems to have a cherished memory from the Halo series. 343 Industries and Xbox both seem fervent to deliver something monumental that will not only bring Xbox toe-to-toe with Sony but show Halo fans that the fight is not finished yet.

Everybody loves a great redemption story, and if anybody can pull one off, it is Master Chief.

Tommus Gerwin
Existing somewhere in one of the Final Fantasy universes, Tommus manages to find some spare time to write news for OnlySP. Gaming has been his most consistent pastime since he can remember, and he decided that the best place for him to be was in the midst of it all. To this day he still hails Fallout: New Vegas as his all time favorite game, and dabbles in others such as the Final Fantasy and Metro series. Despite being raised on Nintendo and PlayStation he’s somehow found his home on Xbox Live where he helps out as an Ambassador.

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  1. I’m sure it’ll be as boring and generic as all the rest were

    1. Sounds to me we have a Jealous Sony Pony here. LOL, LMOL. It’s ok buddy you will
      still have that killer game Killzone shadow Fall. HA HA HA.

      1. I have no opinion of the game, I’m sure it will be fun.
        But dude, really? Sony Pony? How old are you?
        Also it is pathetic to upvote your own comment

        1. You have no opinion, That is pathetic. Goodbye Sony Pony !!

    2. I just never been a fan of the Halo games either. I have the first 4 and I know they have their fans, but they just never really do anything for me.

      I do hope this one tries something different though, they need a reboot for this franchise. They need to take a big chance like Sony did with God of War!

  2. Hard to be the “biggest exclusive” when it’s not exclusive in the first place. And with TLOU 2 and FF7 also out this year…

    1. Hell, I think people are more excited about Ghost of Tsushima than yet another Halo game.

      Does anyone really care about Halo anymore? I mean did 4 and 5 really blow the doors off the industry? They really REALLY need to reboot this series in big ways to get people interested again.

      And before the XBOX wackos start, I have an Xbox One X, which I use for third party titles mostly, and a PS Pro, so I’m not picking sides. If it’s good and interesting, I’ll get it, but it has to be more than Halo with updated graphics at this point.

      1. You’re certainly right about that. The last few entries have not instilled much fervor in any but the most dedicated fans. I was never the biggest fan, but I did love Reach; I haven’t been intrigued by one since. That thought is probably more prevalent than that the next game will be a world-beater like the old days.

  3. LLOOOOOOOL!!!! THIS CAN’T BE SERIOUS!? So The Last Of Us is what..? FF7 is what..? lool

    1. Halo has the full backing of Microsoft behind it. Which is worth more than the full backing of Sony. FFVII, and LoU2 will be massive, but Halo will definitely be able to give them a run for their money. Sure Sony is massive with nearly 100m units sold, but even in that respect their best selling exclusive, Spiderman, has only sold a reported 13.2M. Its not far fetched to believe Halo could sell that well on a new console, Game Pass, and the entire install base of Xbox One.

      1. 1. you people are absolutely DELUDED! MS has always backed EVERY Halo but that hasnt made a difference.. Halo will certianly sell between the 3-6 million copies range because the days of Halo 3 and Halo being the biggest shooter in the world ARE GONE! Halo simply ISN’T loved or respected anywhere neaaarrrrr as much as it once was a decade+ ago! and you guys need to get that into your head… If you take the total sales of Halo 4 and Halo 5 COMBINED! it STILL falls short of Spider-man’s overall total of sales! AND THATS ONE GAME!!! loool….

        The Last Of Us is a bigger game in the current market than Halo, in terms of industry impact, the general community and press… Halo may very likely outself Tlou 2 (although i doubt it tbh i mean even Uncharted 4 and Horizon Zero Dan have sold through 10 million copies!) but it CERTAINLYYYYYY will not get the hype and sheer industry buzz than TloU and FF7 will have absolutely NOT!

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