Ahead of a full reveal at Gamescom, more details have emerged about V1 Interactive’s upcoming sci-fi first-person shooter Disintegration.

Speaking in the latest issue of Edge, creative director Marcus Lehto talked about the inspirations behind the game. The former Bungie developer also explained how gameplay will work in Disintegration and what players can expect.

According to Lehto, Disintegration began life as a kind of spiritual successor to another Bungie game, Myth.

That means that despite the similar aesthetics the game shares with Halo, it will have a more tactical feel. Players, who pilot hovering vehicles known as gravcycles, will be able to command NPC units during battles for instance: “The way we’re developing the game is thinking of you as the pilot, the gravcycle as your right hand, and your crew on the ground as your left,” said Lehto.

Taking place some 150 years in the future, the story will see players take control of a human who has integrated their mind with a robotic frame. This new, controversial process has led to a civil war within humanity. After a brief conflict, the integrated Royonne race establishes itself as the dominant force.

Disintegration was first announced in July 2019. The first glimpse of the 10-hour campaign will be shown at the opening night of Gamescom. V1 Interactive has not yet confirmed a release date or platforms.

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