Halo is the ground-breaking series from Bungie and 343 Industries that essentially made the Xbox what it is today. Set in a mysterious, alien universe, the player blasts their way- with vehicles and weapons- through engrossing storylines about an ancient race known as the Forerunners. But, on May the 24th, rumours surrounding a new Halo title emerged.

On the Korean Games Rating Board, a Halo project titled ‘Bootcamp’ was spotted. When queried, a Microsoft spokesman reported to Game Front that “it is not related to our Xbox One efforts” but it is something they “will have more to say about in the future”. Furthermore, the project will not be part of the Reclaimer Trilogy. While there is a possibility the game will be a single player experience, it was listed on the board as being a Windows PC based title. There were rumours that this title was a Halo 3 PC port, but these were cleared up as being a mistranslation.

As a Halo fan, I recognise ‘Bootcamp’ as the subtitle for a Halo graphic novel based around the events of the attack on Reach. It could possibly have something to do with this. With more and more projects being announced around this time, it’s safe to say that E3 looks like it’ll be busy this year!

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