If you missed the news yesterday, Gameinformer’s cover story for this month features Halo 5: Guardians, and within the article is a load of new information on the game’s campaign. So, let’s get to it.

Founder and head of 343 Industries Bonnie Ross essentially started off the interview with Gameinformer saying, “Halo 5 is probably the most ambitious game we’ve done to date, and when it was originally pitched it was even more ambitious.” Considering this is only 343’s second game to release, it comes as no surprise that Halo 5 is ambitious. However, Ross also indicated that, “it’s going to be a very different Halo, but it also feels the same.”

If you’ve stayed in touch with the lore of Halo, you’ll be happy to know that Fred, Linda and Kelly will be joining the Master Chief on his latest adventure. These were prominent characters in Halo: First Strike. These team members make up Blue Team, while Spartan Locke has a team of his own called, Fireteam Osiris. Osiris consists of Spartan Locke, Holly Tanaka, Edward Buck (ODST) and Olympia Vale.  During the game’s campaign you’ll be switching back and forth between Chief and Locke, but apparently that won’t occur until a bit later in the campaign.

Halo 5: Guardians takes place 8 months after Halo 4 and “cataclysmic” events are destroying whole star systems. 343 didn’t provide any details on why, or how these events are occurring, but did tell Gameinformer that the Guardians / Forerunners will be returning as a major threat in Halo 5: Guardians.  If you were hoping for the next epic adventure in the franchise like me, then it sounds like 343 is going to deliver.

343 says, “There is more to the Chief’s story that people are going to find in Halo 5 that deals with how he copes with loss and how he deals with memories.” In the gameplay segment that GI was shown, Cortana’s “Ghost”, as franchise director Frank O’Connor calls it, appears and provides Chief with a warning.

“The domain is open. Meridian is next. You only have three days. John, the Reclamation is about to begin.”

The way Gameinformer describes the gameplay in Halo 5: Guardians sounds a lot like how Bungie structured Halo: Reach with a full squad of characters which is great to hear. You’ll be able to use your fireteam to take out specific objectives or enemies, sort of like how you could issue commands in Star Wars: Republic Commando or Rainbow Six Vegas.

The game levels are also more open than Halo 4’s were and allow players multiple avenues of taking out their enemies. Each of the 4 characters in a fireteam, whether it be Blue Team or Osiris, can be controlled by either AI or human players with drop in, drop out co-op. The game will not, however, support split-screen co-op this time around, which is honestly really surprising to hear.

Gameinformer’s article on Halo 5: Guardians has a bunch more details on their hands-on time with the game, as well as new multiplayer details if you’re interested so be sure to check out the full article in their magazine.

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  1. No split-screen co-op is a bit dissapointing, but hearing that it’ll play similar to Republic Commando is awesome. I’ve always loved that team/squad dynamic in certain games, so I hope they treat these fireteams as actual ‘teams’ and not just guns playing follow the leader. It’s interesting too, because this type of team gameplay dynamic hasn’t really been done in Halo yet.

    Also, I just picked up Halo: New Blood, the most recent Halo book (its actually a short story) about the ‘ol ODST gang and what happened to them after the events of the game. It mainly follows Buck and how he became a Spartan-IV. Interesting read for those into the universe.

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