PC players may have the opportunity to play an official mainline Halo game on their platform for the first time in 14 years if updated box art images on Amazon UK are to be believed.

Thanks to the receptive eyes of Twitter user AllGamesDelta, the new Halo 5: Guardians box art contains an important addendum that implies its PC release:

The cover’s usual “Only on Xbox One” slogan has changed to “Xbox One Console Exclusive.” This slight yet important alteration is reserved for games that have console exclusivity on Xbox, but can also be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

Quantum Break, which had a simultaneous PC and Xbox One release, has the same banner:

This will be a surprising move from Microsoft, who is struggling to maintain first-party exclusive, despite its own positive view of third-parties. While this is an intriguing step, gamers everywhere will be asking themselves this sole question: why not Halo 3?

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