Release date fail from Ubisoft! Instead of November 15th, you should have set your next hacking adventure title Watch Dogs 2 to release on “remember, remember the 5th of November”. You’ve already ripped off… uh, paid homage to… the V for Vendetta theme/masks and Big Brother genre – why not go all out? But we’ll overlook this minor detail since there’s a way to discount the game on PC.

Just this month Ubisoft debuted the trailer and made available for pre-order Watch Dogs 2. With E3 rolling away, there is now a 25% off coupon code hacking the price of the Standard Edition to $44.99. Same percentage discount also works on the more extensive Deluxe and Gold Editions.

Use Code: E3SAVE25

This coupon code at GMG is actually an E3-themed coupon code that works for most games sold there. That said, the list of expceptions for the coupon generally includes high-end AAA pre-orders like Civilization VI. This may actually be a limited time offer before Ubisoft puts the hammer down on GMG for offering the discount. This code will end soon later this Friday on June 17 at 9AM Pacific.

Not sure which edition of the game to buy? Let’s run through what you get in each.

The Standard Edition gets you the full game, with all the basic elements to play through the end. All you’ll be missing in the Standard edition over say the deluxe is some cosmetic differences and nothing crucial to beat it. All editions of the game come with the pre-order bonus “Zodiac Killer” DLC mission, which will cost extra bucks after the game releases.

The Deluxe Edition is everything in the standard plus customization options. Deluxe comes with two extra Personalisation Packs. You’ll get a Punk-themed pack which decks the main character Marcus in a new Punk outfit, car skins, drone skins, and a punk themed weapon. The other personalisation pack is a Street-Themed Art pack which gives Marcus the same new skins but in a slightly different style. Necessary? No, but if you set aside $60 already to buy Watch Dogs 2 it’s easy to justify the Deluxe purchase after the coupon discount from $70 to $56.

The Gold Edition is the Deluxe plus the games Season Pass. As of this time, we don’t know how much the Season Pass will cost separately at release (it’s not available for sale yet). That said, with a $100 MSRP, it’s probably the case the Gold Edition is the Deluxe price plus the price of the Season Pass, meaning it’ll be a $30 purchase once the game releases.

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