If you’re planning on picking up an Oculus Rift this March, you won’t have a shortage of games to play.

Gunfire Games have just announced the release date for their first major title, Chronos, a virtual reality RPG. We spoke to Gunfire about Chronos back in 2015. You can read the full interview here, but the game isn’t your traditional RPG. You’ll be following one character for the course of their life, according to Gunfire.

Here’s a little snippet from our interview:

“It’s an adventure game that plays out over the course of the character’s life,” says David Adams, Gunfire Games’ general manager. “The quest is such that you can’t just play it over the course of one year in the character’s timeline. That’s really what it’s about, we wanted a cool RPG that took place in an atmospheric and interesting world.

“We like the compelling idea that this isn’t just something that he did for a week. This is literally his life’s quest. You start the game when you’re 17 and end when you’re 70, 80 – we haven’t decided when we’re going to cut it off.”

“The story’s really simple, he’s just trying to kill a dragon,” they say. “We wanted to have a really simple high level premise, basically, the world’s jacked up right now, there’s this evil presence inside this labyrinth and you need to kill it to free the land. The game’s really more about the journey than the story, the story’s not driving you through the game. It’s not about the goal at the end, but the experience of the labyrinth and what happens to you there that makes the game interesting. We’re not going to have all these dramatic story reveals, it’s not about that.

We’ll be sure to keep you up to date on any further announcements regarding Chronos as the game quickly approaches its release date of March 28th. Stay tuned to OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter for instant updates.

Chronos is an Oculus Rift exclusive, for now.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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